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keren banget

i really like the songs of avril......

i love it...

I love you Avril! you are amazing and this song is great. you are beautiful and that'll never change. you're a romodel to me and an icon to everyone. stay true to you always <3

you are perfect baby <3

Hi Avril, a long time I try to send something to you but work and studies has hindered but few words reflect everything a person thinks and thinks of another, since my adolescence I listen to their music from the song "Complicated" I love their music, I'm your same age and thanks for making so many people happy, especially me, "Never let the impossible take care of their idolatry of a beautiful girl, I mean it is always the woman with soul and body girl, this I believe is the greatest virtue of a woman not to lose your ego and enjoyment of life, not just be any kiss you but Anderson Carlos Padinny.

I'm your fan heart

Let's face it, guys. And I am going to say sorry in advance for those who are fans of the people I mention. Avril Lavigne is a legend. An Icon. An Idol. She is capable of not using that much autotune, and she sounds GREAT live. And here's the part where I get mad. Selena Gomez? She's a cute girl. Cute doesn't get you far, nor does it help you the win the war. Selena's new CD has so much crappy autotune, I cannot even hear the poor girl singing. She's a great actress, who needs to stick to acting.
Miley Cyrus' Music makes no sense at all anymore nowadays, and I will not even call it music. She is acting very trashy, deny it or not, and it is not apart of 'growing up.' it is Miley trying once and far all to 'shed' her Disney Image.
Demi Lovato is a very powerful singer, and I do like her music, but she tends to yell whenever she holds a not, and she's very breathy, so that is a problem.
These new Disney Girls, Bridgit, Zendaya, Bella, Debby, every single one of them tries to sing, and LET'S FACE IT. THEY CANNOT SING!
Rapping is not singing, nor music, it's talking fastly. That crosses out Nicki and Lil' Kim, all right?
I simply believe Avril is one of the very few singers I actually listen to on a daily basis. I think I have made my point crystal clear.
Thank you-
PandasAreEvil Smile

loooooooovvvveeeeeee uuuuuuuu avril

Avril you're simply amazing!!!!!!!!! I loved HTNGU *___* Congratulation Smile

Avriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil ....all of your musics are great ...when i listen to your music i just enjoy are the besttttttttttttttt

********Do you have
btw you are the best! <3*********

I love you Avril, you are beautiful and you've got lot of talent.

I really like this video called "Here's To Never Growing Up" I cannot wait to meet you someday!

I just saw the new video and you must have read my mind. Here is my review on
<a href="" title=""></a>

Please I beg of you to get back into the "Let It Go" groove. I know you have matured and so have your vocal chords and with your brilliance and your team I know you have another "Losing Grip" or "Unwanted" in you. I'm on my second DVD video of Buffalo 2003. Take it from me, your 2003 concert is rank number 2 to Pink Floyd Pulse Concert of 1994 in my live concerts. I'm a huge fan of yours, for a old geezer on his last legs(literally). I know a part of you is still a candy cane kind of singer who wants to prove that there is love every where and every cloud has a silver lining, but the Real Avril is that woman who in 2003 had every girl crying as they sang your true to life songs like I'm With You. Go review that concert yourself and see everyone singing to a sold out stadium. I wish you much success in your work and more for your foundations. Peace, Robert Brems

best song ever 00000xxxx

i love u avril u r my fav singer i so hope i get to see u lov tommy e cash lvn

I love you Avril.

Uhhhhh Rifk *facepalm* Y did u just realize it now ? Y U NO COMMENT At this video, omg. R u kidding me ?

okay, all i have to say is, Avril's U ROOCK Laughing out loud

still waiting for the official video Laughing out loud

My Little Black Star, please come back to Indonesia with this album Smile

Dear Avril
I'm your loyal fan.I love you so much and I love all your songs.Your music is very special .

Love this video!!! Almost as much as I love Avril!!!

avrill <3 please come Turkey. i am biggest fan your . i love you

You guys have watch d full official music video of HTNGU on Youtube??? Lets give a 1M thumbs up to our Punky Pop Princess ❤

I love the video and the song. My friends and I was playing this song load enough that we had a visit from the police.But then again though, we were partying and enjoying my first house that I built !!! But what better way to party by never growing up with your friends??

I love avril, loved your clip! Beautiful!

ooooohhh i love this song
is amazing to have avril back
i love her i want to see the rest of the album

I wait for you to come in Djakarta, Indonesia
love you so much..............................

Avril DAMN!! please come to Turkey. I love you so muchhhhhhhhhh!! Sad I love youu Smile <3

i like every song of you'rs you are my favorite single all time avril lavigne! keep on making new albums your like really hot! keep up the good work avril I LOVE YOU AVRIL LAVIGNE! forever & Always

oww ... beautiful song, all songs are perfect.
l LOVE YOU avril <3

Hell yeahhh . This vid awesomeee . You always brought the awesome video in

you have done it again i love u so much please come bacl to vegas lov u tommy cash

Idol Avril, I love all your songs specially Wish You Were Here.
when i heard that song i cry a little because i remember my bestfriend which is mean wish you were here.

Love It Song Avril Lavigne Here's To Never Growing Up Please Upload Your New Video Song in Today Thanks Smile <3

I looooooooooove so much this song!!!! The beautiful Black Star is finally come back! Laughing out loud

She brings that old rock & roll vibe but always put her own ideas into her music. Her way of making music is unique and absolutely amazing. I've listened to Avril Lavigne since I was young and still enjoy every song.

i like her new song and the others ! avriL is sO amazing !

I love this song too much!! Laughing out loud, wait! It's never too much for Avril's songs!! Wink

Hello this is a very great song

I like the video too much, you're very good you're beautiful my love avril <3 <3 <3 <3 Avril smileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xo xo Smile i love you so much... you are my life !! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 i'm little black star lucia *_*

My fav avril... <3

shes crazyyy!1!!1!!11! I love you babyyyyyyyy <3

I really like this song Here's To Never Growing Up. Smile

i like new song "here's to never growing up"


Absolutely amazing song! I've loved you music for a few years now and still do. I love hearing all your new songs, wish you would come to south Australia. great song and great voice (as always)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile

Listened to this once, and automatically loved it! <3

That's why I'm proud to be an American: no censorship.

Great new tune, love the video.
Wish I could pre-order the album already, looking forward to it.

I love Avril since Avril loves her own fans <3 xoxo
she's beautiful on her own way and always give us damn fun exciting music ever <3
We support you:)

damn damn damn Sad ..this video is not available in Germany. THX to our GEMA censorship....