Here's To Never Growing Up

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i Love this song because in the video they have red solo cups with Beer in it and Party time # HERE'STONEVERGROWINGUP

i Love This Song....wat a voice clarity!!!amazing....

I was in LOve with u after watching this video....and its not gonna end

WOW !!!!!

I Love Avril ♥ ♥

u are so good looking so prety and fabulous

best song ever <3

I love this song!!!! My best friend and i always blast it when i comes on lol Love ya Avril I love all ur music

Omg! She looks soooo pretty XD So amazing, I love you Avril!! Laughing out loud

Love the ending of the video just awesome!!!! Avril forever rocks!! Laughing out loud

Its Cool,I love Two new singles here's to never growing up and Rock N Roll....These both song songs make me crazy...Love you Avril,Te Amo

I love this song it's the best song ever. It make me want to go crazy.

i think.. this is the best forever single avril.. ! Big smile

Yesterday I understood I DON'T LOVE Avril!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you know what?! Cause I WORSHIP Avril .
She's the best best best singer in the world
Love you Avril.
آوریل عاشقتم میخوامت خیلی زیاد

Absolutely amazing!!! It reminds me of the time I first heard about Avril and fell in love with everything about her Wink And the funny part is, it fits my life because I am 27 years old and look much younger,too. So this songs and video rocks ;-P

I Love the two new singles ,rock n roll and heres too never growing up , I love Avril forever because she is rock n roll

She is Very Very Cute

Avril's cool, but WAY too much eyeliner though. She has a racoon eye thing goin' on in this video. But still a good video though!

Very very very good <dt>

THIS SONG IS PERFECT Laughing out loud

loveee... lovveeee Laughing out loud


No, you forget she started out Rock N' Roll. For us who have been listening to her ever since she was 17 years old, this is like walking down memory lane. Sure, she has changed over the years, but not in a bad way, and let's face it, she grew up! Every single person on the Earth grows up! She's engaged, she has a new album, a clothing line, and she will have a great family when she gets older. I am happy that she is happy doing what she is doing. And people need to stop with the 'I miss the old Avril' on her new music videos. Avril is quite the same as she was a couple years ago, she's just more mature. And I think people forget she is 28, a Woman in the making. A woman does not have time to act like a teenager anymore, so if you have a problem with Avril's new stuff, and you want some crappy music instead, go listen to Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus. (No hard feelings Selenators or Smilers.) I will forever be a Black Star, and take down your account if you have such a hard time dealing with the fact she's still Rock N' Roll, just in a more mature way.
Thank you-

Making that video looked like so much fun for Avril!

avril I think this is the best song you have posted ever. and I mean EVER. besides GIRLFRIEND. al those songs are awesome. ok lets just say all of your songs are awesome. and your album covers are awesome( pictrues). you are awesome.

I love this Song♥
Eres genial =)

I can't stop to listening this song *__*

Simplesmente Perfeita!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amo demais essa música e a Avril tbm!!!!!!!! =D

Muy Bonita, ¡muack!


I LOVE THIS song!!!!!
it so AWESOME! when i heard this song i always sreaming out the lyrics of it and its so COOL!!!!
yeah feel like a rock star.. i hope this will be the best song this year.
when the sun's going down will be raising our cups singing
here's to never growing up!!

nice tune good music and beautiful girl sing

i simply love this song ... this is very very very awsem..... i listen this song alll day... Smile Tongue

Still Love this song so much ♥

i love this song sO much!

The best! ❤


great song. Keep it up

i would rather sing u than radio head on the top of my lungs Laughing out loud

I Really Like This Song Laughing out loud

love you Avril <3

I love this! Ever since this video I've had high expectations for rock Avril!

Love u Avril...

u r dh best singer...damnn i luv u ..i had follow u on every sites <3 plzz once replyy plzz<3 god bless

you are the best female singer for me avril.. Smile i wish i could see a song of you with enrique.. Smile

❤ you da bestEST AVRIL !!! Laughing out loud

heyy avrel ı really love that song very much


I love this song very much!
I love you Avril!