Hello Kitty

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Come to Malaysia ☠
love ya x

You're so cute, Avril!

I LOVE your hair and its color and like everything and this is coming from a 10 year old


I have a question. What's your favorite color because you look like a black kind of girl.

Your so AWESOME.

OMG I love this song. you are so awesome . That's why i'm dressing my mom up as you for HALLOWEEN.

44444444444 7anona kamli please Sexy

I'm just an obsessed fan. I'm such a loser!!!

This is beautiful Avril !!

Adoro tu habilidad para crear!! crear tus letras y tus rimas! sin duda insuperable

I love you Avril but when i hear this song it don't remind me of you; if you know what I mean. I'm not saying that this isn't a good song my little sister loves this song and i think this song is okayy but it's not what I'm use to seeing you sing a song with dupstep I'm use to the punkish rock and those songs are what got me through my days. I felt so different but you thought me to be different and show off how different I really am so "Here's to never growing up!"

Love u !!

I love avril as i love this song <3

This video and song can be good or whatever, but this is not real Avril, anyone who really likes your style can recognize this. But if this is the future you're want to follow, go ahead, but remeber this: "...I like you the way you are When we're drivin' in your car And you're talking to me one on one But you've become Somebody else 'round everyone else You're watching your back like you can't relax You're tryin' to be cool You look like a fool to me. Why do you have to go and make things so complicated? I see the way you're Acting like you're somebody else, gets me frustrated ..."
It's an opinion of a big fan of your old real songs.
Good luck and get well.

PS: when I listen do 'Complicated', I kinda see old Avril singing that to new Avril.

Never been bored to replay this music video!!! Avril you're ROCK!!

Avril ! your so cool ! Wink

Awesome.Good.Fun.Great.I love you.Avril Lavigne.

i think it's not not one of your good songs or albums... you have much better ones...

Videos like "WTH surfs up" that give a glimpse into your personal life are a treasure!

Don't stop doing what you're doing. Girl you rock!!!
You saved my life...
Proud of my idol <3

la canción no me desagrada tanto, el video no me gusta . no lo entiendo,no me causa nada. pero me encanta verla a ella. :)me hubiera gustado un video de alguna de las otras canciones del album no de esta canción.

awesome video Avril Lavigne...
ALSO WHEN U SEE THIS Happy Birthday!!

fabolus!!!!!!!!!!!!!! costum,song,scene total fabolus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well .. i have to say that this video is super cool for me .. but something was just missing.. cuz when i watch Sk8ter Boi i feel a super energie in avril lavigne's voice.. but in hello kitty i don't find enought energie.. but i love it <3 <3

Avril is that really you doing hip-hop music. You are so much better at sensual songs, like Let me go.

avril lavigne adore, love Hello Kitty, and my mother hates
whenever I'm around her I put Hello Kitty super high and she fights me mto

hello kitty hello kitty !

avril lavigne i love you I'm your fan I love all your songs when you're gone, what the hell, I'm with you, sk8er boi, hush hush ...
i love you

I can't get enough of this video. I guess it's only natural that it should create a bit of a stir.
So glad to hear you don't need drugs. I'm working on pacing, myself.


I love his music video of hello kitty. Wink

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like my page Avril ! I love you, this page is for you !!!!!!!!!

nice video.. but i want the old style of avril.. i want avril plays a guitar in the video.. i want the punk avril..
i want avril with necktie and straight hair. can u do the skaterboy again?

LOVE IT I'm a 44 year old mother of six and I love all of Avril's music SHE ROCKS! I love Hello kitty even got my 19 year old son singing along Wink come one tap into your inner child I know I'm never going to grow up lol
Cheers Lynley

dear avril
im sorry cant come to your tour(indonesia)
i dont have money
i hope we can see some day

a musica é boa e original mais prefiro a avril no rock deveria ter feito um video de bad girl tambem ! mais mesmo assim avril lavigne é d++

Waiting for next album...I wish so soon maybe for next year. Avril is love always forever and I love her and everything belongs her.

#UruguayNeedAvrilLavigne no supero este video,am no.

I love this song and music video. you look awesome and I think you still have got that rocker in you, just look at your hair it's awesome! it isn't racist because you did do the right thing about getting a Japanese director to direct it!!! your songs helped me when people bullied me I say you should do what you do and not listen to the haters!!! any way it is so awesome and cute, just like you!!!!!!! Smile

U look awesome in that album...but to be frank thats not ur style avril..plzzz go back to ur avril lavigne....u ll always be my jam

OMG my friend introduced me to your music about 4years ago and now I just can't imagine not listening to your music. A few people said this song is racist but I love it
and the music video is amazing Smile

I absolutely love both the song and the video, but to be honest I had to get used to it. But now i can listen to it over and over again. I love you Avril!

avril you're so awsome

The song Is pretty good,as is the video. But Avril, this isn't your style
Please go back to your other stuff
Love, Anna


you look like a barbie here avril. very cute.

i love this video.. very cute

Loved this music video, avril you did a great job you are beautiful and i have been a fan since i was at least five and now i am fifteen i love your music and you, you saved me and helped me through everything, thank you <3 Laughing out loud

come on....guys...watch...the hello kitty music video.......avril...loves you...come to italyyyyyyy.,..michael