Avril "vs" Hilary duff

Avril "vs" Hilary duff

i know that all ( guys ) love Avril ,,
i love avril too. and i dont like Hilary

i want, u compare one song Hilary duff and one song of Avril..
(because that, with this songs became famous...)
what ..is beauty?
1.fly by hilary 2. i’m with you by Avril

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I think you should delete this topic

i like hilary to but her movies are better than her music
i don't hate her music but i don't really like it either

I don't understand this topic, most people here will choose Avril because we're on her site because we're all fans.

i agree!

I am a great respect for Hilary duff and i think she is Fantastic in music!

I really don't understand. You're trying to say that Hilary copied Avril? Get a life

i want to tell u that hilary in second album
that imitated from avril's song and lyrics became famous...
please read the her lyrics and campare.
of course she has good song too ... for exa:
1.come clean
2.So Yesterday

I'm a fan of both of them. But they're way to different to be compared to each other.

Lol this topic is stupid this is a 'Avril' site not 'hilary duff' who by the way sucks.

Love you Avril!

I don't understand this topic, most people here will choose Avril because we're on her site because we're all fans.

I like Avril over Hilary, but I think I might like "Fly" over "I'm With You" most of the time. However, when people's lives really compare with a song, nothing can change that.
So in that case, it might be a toss-up.

Yeah,it's true I love Avril and I like Hilary (somehow).
I don't care that Hilary has more "famous",but I think she doesn't!

I love Hilary and Avril. They are both awesome and they are both totally different. The only thing with Hilary is she lip syncs.

Criticizing Hilary Duff does not make Avril any better. Hilary has many fans. So what?

Hilary didn't begin her music career with "Fly". That song was on her SECOND album.

Im sorry but i really can't understand what your saying

excuse me.
hilary has put cinema away in recent year.
and is now more speaking to music ،
she is not as good as avril
hilary started her music with "fly"
and after she became famous.( in music )

do u agree me ?
my question is :
can hilary,, arrive ( reach to feet ) to avril ?

Ok first of all, I don't really get your point since ur English is so bad.

And second, are you seriously asking why Hilary became famous? Well, she's been in several movies AND she's a singer. Do I really have to say more?