The Old Avril

The Old Avril

AVRIL FANS...Do you guys not miss the OLD Avril? Y'know, the one in 2002-2004 with the amazing good songs like: My Happy Ending, Don't Tell Me, Nobody's Home, Innocence, etcetc. Yeah, now her songs are so hollywood-modernized stuff. I mean, I like her..but cmon, she's turning into some 13 year old barbie doll and her songs were better when she was younger...come on, that's not normal Stare i mean, yeah she's growing up..but her songs are losing meaning and they were more "mature" before as she was a teenager. So pleaseee reply and support this and maybe we can change something (:

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@komplicated I agree with much of what you said. I too think that people should be able to "post their honest feelings". I also believe that "members of a FORUM have the right to speak their feelings". And when you say "post what you want" and "feel free to speak your mind", I couldn't agree more. As long as those things apply to me too. She obviously feels strongly about it and that's OK. So do I. Sometimes strong feelings are expressed with strong words and I'm no different. I did not bash this member on a personal level. I only disagreed with her opinion. When you say something like "she's turning into some 13 year old barbie doll", that's an insult on a personal lever. So, if you are going insult Avril on her own fan forum, you have to expect that an outspoken fan, like me, might have a strong negative reaction. Appreciation of any art form like music involves subjective judgment and we are all different. I respect anyones right to like whatever the want. We can disagree. We can argue. That's fine. I will not call you names or insult your intelligence. Having said all of that, I have to say that as long as people are buying her albums, it's a little naive to think anything we say on a forum is going to influence the kind of music she releases. If people stop buying her albums, she will be forced to take a different path or leave the business.

I don't understand why it is such a problem for people to post their honest feelings about how Avril's music and personality have changed! I agree, she is not a kid anymore, and has every right to mature how she sees fit. But don't members of a FORUM have the right to speak their feelings without being bashed for it? Maybe everyone who comes here doesn't live here; and therefore it's NOT an old topic to them! And even if it is, isn't that the definition of a forum? To post your opinion?? Do you just want people to post who agree with you or have something brand new to say? To me THAT is the definition of boring!! Well the agreeing part anyhow.....I say post what you want. Maybe you will be the one to bring a fresh aopproach to an old subject. Either way if it's new to you then it's new, so feel free to speak your mind. I'm not trying to start a fight, so please don't reply just as an attempt to start an argument. I just think we need to respect new members as much as ones that have seen every post under the sun. Let the voices be heard. Just as you can play an old c.d. to hear older songs, if you've seen the topic, then you DON'T HAVE TO READ IT!!! Sheesh. :O/

This is such a tiring, old and boring subject. She has grown up and moved on. Deal with it. What do you want? Sk8er Boi ver 2.0, Sk8er Boi ver 3.0, Sk8er Boi ver 4.0, etc, etc, etc, and on, and on, and on? Vote with your money. It's the only vote you get. If you don't like her new material, don't buy it. Just quit crying about it. She's going to do whatever she wants to do anyway. Just ask her record company. If you are not a fan anymore, don't waste your time here singing the blues about the good old days.

No I don't miss the old material. I listen to it all the time. If you think you are going to get "new, old songs", you are sadly mistaken.

If I come across a little harsh, it's just that when I see "I want the old Avril back" I want to yawn myself into a coma.

Well I really LOVE her old music...Let Go and Under My Skin are amazing albums. I really don't think that there is "Old Avril" and "New Avril". She is still same person. I think that it's good to try new things. I really do think that she is more greative now than when she was younger. She takes risks and tries new things musically and in style. The Best Damn Thing was really different and I did like it too. On Goodbye Lullaby she has same kind of vibe what I hear on Under My Skin, but I think that it's just put more positive way on that album. She have developed over the years much more talented singer and songwriter.

If she wants to be like that, it's fine with me.
I like her as "The Old Avril" and "The New Avril" and if you don't, you don't.

I Disagree, there is no old Avril/new Avril and her songs still do have meaning in them , especially the Goodbye Lullaby and Best damn thing Album with songs like Wish You Were Here, What the Hell, Smile, Everybody hurts and then Keep holding on , Alice, Hot, Tomorrow and Girlfriend. you cant be serious about no meaning. She also couldnt stay the skater girl , she had to evolve, and she gave a rocker look to herself with What the hell and Rock N Roll

I Disagree, there is no old Avril/new Avril and her songs still do have meaning in them , especially the Goodbye Lullaby and Best damn thing Album with songs like Wish You Were Here, What the Hell, Smile, When your gone, Everybody hurts and then Keep holding on , Alice, Hot and Girlfriend. you cant be serious about no meaning. She also couldnt stay the skater girl , she had to evolve, and she gave a rocker look to herself with What the hell and Rock N Roll

Hey there Uncle Bob, I feel ya man! And I must say for a man who doesn't appreciate "deep" lyrics, you seem to do quite a bit of deep thought yourself! (hmmmmm....curious...) And I really wasn't trying to call you out for bashing anyone to be honest, although posting right after you, it may have appeared that way. But it was your post that spurned my response sooooooo, six of one; a half dozen of the other, right? Tongue But my reaction is based on reading many similar posts at many different forum sights. It just seems to be a trend that the "veterans" seem to always bash the "newbs" for being redundant. And my point is that if you are new to a forum, then it is not redundant to you. And people that spend MANY of their waking hours at a particular sight, (seriously, don't you people have lives???), should understand that not everyone has read every post that they have read and redundancy should be expected AND tolerated by all so that everyone has a voice. I've even been to sites where they expected you to search the entire catalog of posts before commenting to make sure it hadn't already been covered! SERIOUSLY!?! I have much better things to do with my time and if I can't visit a site occasionally and voice my opinion without feeling bashed for it, then I'd rather not waste my time. (no offense.) But I do love Avril, and I find that most of her fans are genuinely cool people, so I do like coming here.
Sorry, didn't mean to ramble on like that, just wanted to make sure my feelings were clear. (heh)
And I don't really think most people who come here actually expect Avril to read any of our you.....anyone??? If you do, then you are delusional. She has even better things than I have to occupy her time!! LOL And she has stated many times that she is not computer savvy and does not really like "going online." So you are quite correct, the best way to make a point to her is through her pocketbook. Still, we all feel better don't we when we voice our opinions to each other?? Well I do anyhow......obviously!! Tongue
(gawd.....we get it....shut up already.)

<b>@komplicated</b> Fortunately for both of us, there seems to be no limit to the length of a post. I appreciate your polite response. I see your point. The last thing I want to do is discourage new people from participation. The more the merrier. On the other hand, if someone doesn't like Avril's music anymore, if they are not a fan anymore, they are not all that welcome here. Just so you know, justagirlllll hasn't even bothered to log in to see if she received any support for her cause. Wink A reasonable amount of criticism will be tolerated but, the flamers will be amazed at how quick their accounts get banned. BTW, when a forum says they want you to "search" to avoid duplicate topics, I think they mean they want you to use a search utility. At least, that is the way it was on Avril's old forum. I knew my initial response was a little harsh so, I gave it considerable thought before I clicked save. I meant what said but I didn't want to be rude.

Yeah, time is going on, the world is changing.... No one of US won't keep having the same style of wearing clothes... as nowadays... I've noticed that on myself, 5 years ago I was wearing different style of clothes than the clothes I wear today..... styles are changing, as we are growing up..... I don't miss the "old" Avril, just bacause she has changed her style. She is still the SAME person....

YES: <a href="" title=""></a>
NO: What the hell...

I miss the good songs, Anything but ordinary, mobile, unwanted, together, forgotten, he wasnt, sk8er boi...

But she will never read this...

I think that she is, she was, and she'll be the best singer of the world. i don't care if she change her style or her clothes, i think that she's amazing and every word of every song that she write is with pasion.
avril i love u, i was love u, and i'll always love u!


...Sick about talking this topic ~.~
She has changed but that's who she is.

omg are you a fan or not Shock
she's not "new avril" .
She just changes her clothes.
which is normal she grows up
we all do .And i agree with goodbyelullabye 123
listen to lg or ums ans stop crying like a baby Shock

People change.

This is a bit like deja vu, I wonder if we'll see the same question when Avril is 96 Tongue

i agree with uncle bob. avril is 26 years old.. she's a woman now, not a 16 year old kid. seriously, this topic is annoying.

I love avril lavigne soo much. i wish i looked like her (especially in "I'm with you")
I know she "grew up and stuff" but I do miss the "old" her. Her songs now are a little...mainstream. They are amasing dont get me wrong. She is sooooo talented.
And this is a matter of my opinion but i think she looks better with the dirty blonde hair, not the bleach blonde. but i love it now. the whole side part with the darker blonde and brown, it looks great.
ALL her albums are great. "old-avril", "new avril" and anywhere in between. I didn't like her image as much in TBDT but the music is great and that's why i still love avril. and because she is AMAZING!!
I think the biggest thing that makes her music more "pop" is the pop type drum in the backround. if you really listen you can tell. (yea im kinda a music freak). i guess for me if it was more of a real drum in the backround and a less processed one then it would be fine for me.
I get that she grew up, everyone does, I'm starting to myself and I know how much it SUCKS sometimes. Her music makes me feel so much better and helps me get through it.
I love you avril. Favorite solo artist. Keep on keepin on! Use more of that drum i was talking about (im such a music freak).

I think she seems younger now, not older. She used to seem like a real teenager. Now she seems like a little girl playing dress-up. Teenager is older than little girl. Still waiting to see her as an adult. Got high hopes for this album tho...

@abbycadabra I kind of agree she seems like she is little girl playing dress-up. But if you look at the new album cover, you can see she is looking serious. She is the same avril she used to be just different style. She is a kid at heart remember that.

She hasn't changed so much from her first albume. She's just more sofisticated and hard tries to discover her own person. Talking about the age and the style, she will never get old.

Omg it annoys me so much when people say bout the old and new avril. She grew up, so what. I think it's kinda selfish if you're like this because it's like you want her to be how YOU want her to be not how she wants to be. If you were true fans you would support her whatever style. What The Hell guys!

The first and the second Laughing out loud
The third :s
The fourth Smile

Maybe the 5th is better than the 4th. but everywhere, the first and second are super,the third is bad, the fourth better than the third. must see for the 5th

I personally don't think who she is inside has changed. The change you go through from 16 to your 20's is huge. I'm only 21 years old and the changes I've gone through since I was 16 have been really drastic, but I'm still the same person inside. I do think that TBDT was a lot less mature than her first two albums, but even she admitted that from that start. Based on what she has said about this new album, I think we're definitely going to get the vibe of the so-called "old Avril" back. TBDT is not my favorite Avril Lavigne album but I think of it as what she was experiencing at that point in her life, she was wanting to make a fun record because she was having a good time in life and it was successful.

I love both. A true fan wouldn't try to think about it to much. Avril is doing what she wants, and we have to support her. It's has been happening with a lot of other artists lately, and I don't know what's going on, but I think Avril's music is still full of plenty of meaning. Maybe not all of her songs, but a good amount of them.

If you want the 'old Avril' listen to LG and UMS and stop crying about it to everyone here

Absolutely agree. The Old Avril was much more cool and every her album was like a revolution in music. And I'm really puzzled when she answers the question about why she changed her music style like "I've just grown up and couldn't sing that teenager songs anymore"
Avril, please. You are wrong. 10 years ago, your songs were much more mature than rock'n roll. Sad
But we still love you, because you gave us a lot of immortal songs (I mean the old ones).
And if you ever read this, please visit Azerbaijan at your next tour. We love and wait you here.