People magazine seems to think Avril is engaged to Chad Kroeger. Read about it here.

The fact that Nickelback's twitter account has tweeted, "Congratulations Avril and Chad!", seems to indicate this is true. Let me echo that sentiment and wish them all the happiness in the world. 

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I am dumbfounded. I post thi knock on chad which sits at the top of the user likely to read order then go back and apoogise + and it seems to have been deleted. Am I insane or wtf is going on here.

MAHAHAHAHA: I can edit it in here once I an sober and am able to articulate myself correctly.

Hey everyone it nice to come back.....
i agree with avrilfan9 because this is her life ,and i think she'll happy with him

That new song I heard goes something like ♪ I know the perfect time, and the perfect time is never ♪ Av has been married, I doubt she makes the descision lightly. Waiting around forever is not a good idea either.

IMO, too many people these days waste each others time and don't get married waiting for perfect. If you are not sure give it some more time, If you are not going to get married to this person you are with right now why are you with them. Find the one. Mabey they truely have.

Chad however would not be my first pick for Avril because I heard this story: My friend Anja's father was doing renovations in Abbotsford at Chads place and they met. He asked Chad for an autograph for her stepsister Teresa telling Chad "She thinks you're the greatest thing since sliced bread" Chad responds "Well, she should because I am" and did not hook him up.

Now in any celebrities defence, they must say things like that once in a while. Just to mix it up and tell a story about the look on somones face or whatnot. I would heh.

In principle is a fat lot I care with whom Avril has a relationship, I admit the both seem to be a happy couple are for now.

I love the magazine photos of them together. Smile Although I still think the sidecut makes people look like they're sick.

Aww that picture is beautiful. Smile

Another great picture

Click image to view full size

Thank you Avril source and Hello Magazine

After seing that ring I wonder what her dress will look like!! Laughing out loud

Av, marry me instead! I have the ring.

If no, "best wishes" and "gratz" to you chad.

...I had to get that out of my system but hey, it's done.

God bless!

I think this is too fast for both of them.
6 months and they are engaged. But maybe they are TRULY.MADLY.DEEPLY in love Smile

Congrats to the couple!! Does Avril like Chavril or Chadvril?
As long as their both happy they shouldn't pay attention to the haters.

That's not a surprise for me! Avril & Chad are already reportedly in a relationship since February. So there was something true about the relationship crisis between Avril and Brody start of the year. Anyway, I'm happy for them Smile and I wish Avril good luck in the new relationship. He'd be the better choice, anyway it my some of my girls.

she looks pretty! Even with her half-shaved Tongue

OMG!! Big smile I want to congratulate Avril and Chad for their engagement. Those good news took me by surprise. They look sooooo happy in those pictures Big smile I'm happy that they are happy together. Best wishes!!

they are so cute & in love on this photo Smile

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(Thx Avril Source)

I'm happy she's happy Smile

She looks so happy in those scans of that magazine! Guys, you can all fight about whose the bridesmaids and best man but I'm the maid of honour so Wink Tongue ahaha!

On Avril, in the images section I found the magazine spread from hello Canada Smile
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@missIndependent : definitely BIGGER ring than the last one! LOL
Brody's face is much better than deryck and chad. Jus the face, is that even important ? Haha

my mum found this on the news on tv told me.nice shes happy.not a nickleback fan but still an avril fan

I saw the photos from the magazine. NICE RING!! Bigger than her last one. Big smile I'm so glad she's happy anyway!

And also.. I just realized Avril and I have very different taste when it comes to guys. I don't find any of her ex-boyfriends/husband attractive.

I still think Brody is waayyyyyy much HOTTER than Chad.
But I'm still happy for you, Av!

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On 'bandaids' there was a nice fan who posted 2 pics taken from the 'Hello' magazine!

Congratulations to Avril and Chad. I wish them every happiness for their married life Smile

I'm so happy for you, Avril! I'm glad you found true love, and I can't wait for you two to get married! I'm also anxiously awaiting your new album!!! Smile Congratulations to the best pop princess in the world!

So it's actally true?? OMG I'm totally lost. Congratulations anyway!

I'm off to google now..

Congratulations... and Happy birthday to Brody too LooooooooooooooooooooooL!!! Laughing out loud

I'm so happy with the news! Congratulations Avril and Chad

Congrats Avril, i hope you n Chad will be happy, btw as i'm new on here i just want to say you rule u have been my hero since i first heard the music from your first album, i know some people have not liked the way you've changed your music style but i love your creativity and how regardless of what u do; fashion, music etc.. u can still sound sound and look great. anyway i don't want to rant lol last of all as a huge fan of nickelback, Chad also rules!

Congratulations Avril!

I didn't know but I hope they'll be happy together.

It's true,I couldn't believe it at first but i'm so happy for them!

Not a good thing at all, no! I don't like these strange news ...
But whatever ... her private life is none of our business! With whomever she is, I hope she is happy.

I would like to get new music at last! ANY NEWS?

It's true.

Btw, the announcement is the same day with Brody's birthday. Weird...

I still wish her the best Laughing out loud

Since Avril is tweeting "thanks" and not denials, I think it's official.

Take a look at twitter that is really true, I'm very happy about it, we're all xD