Does Avril Lavigne have a favorite NHL team?

Does Avril Lavigne have a favorite NHL team?

If she does I am guessing the team is one of the teams from canada

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Take it your a leafs fan then.

I however am a New York Rangers fan. It seams unless your a L.A Kings fan your out of luck this year

Leafs - ok.....just because of u @fohlenrico Wink
Rangers - who likes
Kings - ya ya ya Smile
Bruins - the best ever, what else!!! Love

I am a rangers fan lol

Who likes them...........ME

Its was a great shutout of the Tim Thomas and the Boston Bruins on FEBRUARY 14, 2012 still remember that game Ryan Callahan scored first old timmy did not have a chance lol

Also Chris KREIDER is going to be unstoppable next season you only have to look at his performance in the playoffs to see that

I hope not Avril support teams the just be successful!

Btw, Thanks that you reminded me again that the Leafs hadn't reached the playoffs Wink

Leafs did not make playoffs this year and Sens got eliminated by the New York Rangers. It makes sense it would be one of these teams that she likes. Can't see it been an american team as she is from Canada.

@danielavrilfan calm down, as you may suppose...ola...ur in a huff.

Just a few more entries and almost all NHL teams have been mentioned Laughing out loud

@Sarah, why because of me?

btw, Congratulations for the L.A. Kings to win the Stanley Cup for the first time, about what a Leafs fan like me of course, can only laugh Laughing out loud

the leafs needs a now goalie ASAP

Now its still a little sore that Kings won the cup because rangers where only a couple of games away from the final

@danielavrilfan, possible that they need an "Experienced" goalie but whether reaching the playoffs with him, I doubt it. I'm now waiting for so long time.

Last time leafs made the playoff was the 2003-2004 season so you got the right you have been waiting ages. They have not made the playoffs once in Brian Burke's tenure as GM. Maybe time for a new GM to go along with that Experienced goaile. To be honest the numbers don't add up and I am shocked he is still in charge I really am.

Well, so far as I remember Brian Burke was never a great hockey player but as GM he was successful. Maybe the Leafs should engage an ex pro, I would want someone like Joe Sakic Laughing out loud

@fohenrico what do u think why i mentioned you?....maybe out of love 4 u......a penny for ur thoughts now Wink

@Sarah, Sorry, I can't follow you Laughing out loud what do you mean "out of love 4 u" it is English or bingo. Laughing out loud Anyway, you've missed far the topic! So long as no one here knows 100% which NHL team Avril favors, is the topic for me over.

So who watched the draft?

@danielavrilfan, satisfied with the Rangers drafts?

She was born in Ontario, so I guess she supports Leafs or Sens. She is like most of the Canadians love hockey Wink Anyway, she supported Canada in the Olympic final in Vancouver.

I don't think she Care BUt I think Her favourite one is : Kings.

Let me guess your a kings fan