Avril should break up with Brody Jenner

Avril should break up with Brody Jenner

If you're with me, then list down some reasons why. If you're not with me, shut up.

Be nice.

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Come on! Avril does not belong to those kinds of people like the Kardashians and Brody Jenner. Those guys can't find love because their minds are corrupted with drugs and alcohol and lust! Kim can't even survive half a year being married! Avril can do better, and as a devoted fan, I won't keep my mouth shut--even if what I have to say hurts.

Oh lawd, I wonder how I would take it if I had people deciding for me who was fit for me to go out with, whoever makes you laugh, gives you a good time, and is worth the hastle of the bad times is worth it in imo regardless of who you are.

As a devoted fan you'd better take care of her music and not of her private life. Or does Avril tell you who you have to love or to be with?

Nobody has ever really known Brody, but there are Avril fans out who think they would know him just because they know his name ... Brody is a cute guy, and I have to say, they look great together. I do hope they haven't broken up yet and they won't, and they have been happy!


It's her life. Who she chooses to be with is up to her, not you, not me and not any other fan.

First of all, nobody should be allowed to determine who lives with whom in a relationship. Whether Avril & Brody suit together is another thing.
Anyway, I know a princess has to kiss a lot of frogs, before she finds her prince Laughing out loud

avril should be with someone that would do anything she wants, not someone that uses her

Ahahahaha Laughing out loud as we say in France ... La jalousie est un vilain défaut! Laughing out loud

Jealousy is a bad thing!
I love her too (more than others) but It's her life and she should decide. not me , not u , not others. just herself.

You are entitled to your opinion but, you aren't going to be allowed to trash people you don't know on this forum. You can't possibly know what their habits are regarding "alcohol, drugs and lust". Only a moron would judge the content of peoples character based on what the see on a "reality" TV show or elsewhere in the media. Another thing... Watch your language. You'll notice your posts were edited. You can't use language like that here. If you can't say it to a teacher at school or your boss at work, don't say it here. And finally... Your a little late. They already broke up. I think. lol

I really think its none of your business who Avril chooses or does not chose to be with. That is the problem with today's culture everyone is way too concerned with what a celebrity does in there private lives. Just because Avril Lavigne is a well known celebrity don't mean the public owns her.