What could it be???

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@Gradlon Yup! Either a DVD or CD. But I'm conflicted whether I want her to be a judge. But at the end of the day, its what Avril wants.

I request for a new indication! Tongue
But I agree with Rachel, since her last tweet, it may be that of her musical universe (CD, DVD...) And in her spare time, maybe she will make a rod for X Factor Smile

OK I guess I was wrong. I missed the tweet about it being a "thank you". I still think she's going to be a judge on the X-Factor.

@UncleBob Hahah Tongue

I don't think she's annoucing being a judge. Look at her latest tweet:- "This "thing", this "thank you" to my fans...will be coming soon.....I'll send a hint tomorrow. Should only be a couple of days.."

Why would she be annoucing being a judge if it's a thank you to us?

I reckon its something music related.

I think she will soon announce she is going to be a judge on the X-Factor.

@ Rachel - This is the Second time in a week I started a topic that you had already started. Duh.

@Rachel, yes me too.. I hope her surprise is something with her music, the Avril Lavigne Foundation, or Abbey Dawn, not other little "job"... Smile
And if she's the x-factor judje, I dont have the channel!! Sad

@Gradon I hope that's not it. I mean, I would love to see Avril as a judge and stuff but I hope it's something to do with her music. But if she does announce that she's the newest judge, I'll still support her Smile

According to a "rumor", she is going to announce her hiring in the U.S. show X Factor as a permanent judge Smile