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I'm french, And I have 18 years old....

And i thinks it's finish...

=Q I wish!!!! I love Avril Lavigne!!!! <3 <3

that would be kool to met her i be on tomorrow to up load a pic later yall

oh my!!too late for!!

Hey guys, the contest is ended long ago! Laughing out loud

Aaaaaaaaahwnnnn Sad from Uruguay, I cant participed.

My age is way too young... And Hollywood is sooo far from Singapore. Maybe next time.. <3

Sad can't enter..

mmm tempting ,to have a go, but then there all that effort , dressing shaving washing and the place is still mess , my hair what am I going to do with my hair ,, the i noticed the statement that u need be a Us citizen( cheep bartered) it was a dream, but its over now ,i'll hide it in the shadows ,deep in its burrow, where my pain feel, no sorrow , tomorrow brings a new day Smile
bye,, dwarf

pooh ... can't make me Tongue

A private party in Hollywood probably would require that you are 21 years of age or over if like a bar they served alcoholic beverages. The establishment the party is going to be held at probably has strict rules they have to abide by, one of which is no underage people are allowed to enter the establishment. They probably will serve drinks there. I know In the United States you have to be 21 or older to drink.

As far having to be legal residents of the 48 Continental United States and the District of Columbia I'm sure they have legitimate reasons for that. They are probably just staying in accordance with established rules that apply where the party will be held at, but that's just a guess. Of course there would be passport issues to consider and many other security issues. I think its best considering that its being held in the United States, to restrict the contest to US residents and District of Columbia.

I'm was born in the United States and I've lived here in the United States all my life in the state of Florida, but unfortunately I will be busy working so I can't go.

Good luck to everyone that enters! Smile

I would of totally thrashed this with my 'best damn outfit' Wink hehe

ahh discriminative rules.. );

Awww no Sad I was getting excited thinking I could enter, then read the rules Sad am so disappointed. Maybe next time Smile

Official rules:
"...Only legal residents of the 48 Continental United States and the District of Columbia age twenty-one (21) or over may enter and/or participate in the Contest. Employees, agents or representatives of Sponsor and its parent company, subsidiaries or affiliates and their immediate families are not eligible... "

I am not eligible ... Maybe next time! Wink