Since When Did Avril's Mom Divorced From Avril's Real Dad?

Since When Did Avril's Mom Divorced From Avril's Real Dad?

The latest news says that Avril's mom has just divorced from Avril's "Stepfather", I am not sure if this is true or not, but I have never heard that Avril has a stepfather, his name wasn't even mentioned..... If this is the case, when did Avril's parents split up?

There was also a rumour about Avril being pregnant..... Apparently because she was wearing baggy clothes and happened to be carrying her hand bag in front of her stomach. What a load of rubbish, honestly these paparazzi jump to conclusions way too quickly. If they had taken the time to find out that Avril is on tour and used their brain a bit more, they would realise that she is not pregnant. Why the hell would she be anyway, like Avril says "how insulting".

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Oh I hate the paparazzi! Avril's DEFINITELY not pregnant!
But about her parents...where's your source? I can't find anything recent about them.

You wrong Uncle Bob, she had crises of acute aerophagia, this is what happens when you chew too much gums Laughing out loud

No. You're wrong. This is what happens when Uncle Bob plays around with Photoshop. Wink

@Darlin, Don...
If I remember correctly, we see very briefly Michelle in the background, the scene of the skatepark. For more information look behind the scene of Complicated Smile

@Uncle Bob:
I hope you do not do that during your hours of work ... Otherwise I also want to work for Sony Music Laughing out loud
Comment from UB:
I'm retired. I do not work for Sony. I'm just a fan like you. I get paid in CDs and concert tickets.

Avril's been pregnant since the day she got married and there still continuing. Seriously, these rumours are BORING now..

She is pregnant and I have the photos to prove it. She's been pregnant for at least 5 years now.


@Don_-58 Ok thanks.
Like Gradlon said, Avril's parents probably split up before Avril was famous.

I really don't think Avril's pregnant...

@goodbyelullaby123: That's strange because I have never heard anything about this before..... Even Avril's Wikipedia page doesn't say anything, and we don't even know what her stepfather's name is.....

@Don_-58 I don't know, maybe she prefers to keep it personal info, but then how would all the press know? I don't get it.

@goodbyelullaby: Neither do I, maybe the stepfather thing was a typo? And that they meant that Avril's Mom just split up with Avril's real Dad? I don't know.....


I am not sure anymore, but I heard in 2003 or in 2004 that Avril's parents are divorced! So it seems, that happened many years ago! I still can remember, I wondered about it, because you never saw Avy unhappy. I always believed her family would be happy!
But in the end Avy doesn't like to talk about her private life ...

By the way: Is is right that Michelle was in her 'Skater Boy' video or is it a rumor? I can't see her sister in it!

Yes Michelle appears in Sk8er boi & Complicated as their brother Matt Smile

@Gradlon: What does Michelle look like?

@goodbyelullaby123: Who doesn't hate the paparazzi..... I'd vomit if Avril was actually pregnant.

Oh and here is your source about Avril's parents:

<a href="" title=""></a>

it was a shock when she said that her mom's newly single

Wasn't the pregnant rumour a prank played by Avril to make a fool out of the paparazzis back when she was with Deryck?

@Gradlon: Thanks for the info, I did watch the Complicated BTS. But I still don't see her in the actual music video of Complicated or Sk8er Boi.

I have no idea, I've almost never heard anything about her dad, only about her mom, who for example went to her "the best damn tour" concert in toronto. and her mom also appeared in the video for What the hell.

For her little sister in Complicated, she is sitting on top of the skate ramp. It is hard to see and have to take a good quality video, she wears a blue T-shirt.
For Sk8er Boi, she is in a car.

@Uncle Bob:
Ok, they are stingy, they would have, at least, been able to provide beer and peanuts Laughing out loud

Avril isn't pregnant. If she was, she wouldn't be going on tour for a month

@Gradlon: For Sk8er Boi, is the car the convertible?

Avril is definitely not pregnant, she also clearly denied!
Otherwise, it seems to me that her parents (Jean-Claude & Judith) divorced long before Avril became famous.