Abbey Dawn clothes?

Abbey Dawn clothes?

Anyone know where in the USA I could find a store that sells Abbey Dawn? All of the Kohl's near me stopped selling it and I can't find it anywhere else besides the website. Help!

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hey can someone plzz tell me where can i buy abbey dawn clothes because i cant even find it on the website Sad if someone has any idea plzz help me out!!! Smile

why doesn't abbey dawn provide in kuwait ( kuwait is in the middle east ) !! please i'm a huge fan of her why can't i at least buy her clothing line !!

with some clothes added for men Laughing out loud

That would be great if they started selling in stores again .

@smashley unicorn - There is no inventory at this time. I don't know when production might resume.

i can't seem to buy any of the Abbey Dawn clothes on the website. Any advice?

The contract with Kohl's expired. Now you have to buy them online at <a href="" title=""></a>.

I've fallen in love with the collection. Can someone tell me if they sell the clothes in XS? And why don't they sell them at Kohl's because every time I look I don't see them in the girl's or junior's section?.... I would really love to buy something from the collection in time for school. Please help!

Hi, I´m from Uruguay, in South America. With some friends we propose to Abbey Dawn to open a shop here, we make a page on Facebook, you can check it if you want:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Thanks!! Smile

It might be too late. It may depend on the demand after they run out of the XL size. You might try sending an email to customer service.

<a href=""></a>


I have another question too:
I wanted to order 2 'WTH' shirts (the ones Avril wore herself in her 'WTH' video), but they are only available at size XL - too big for me! I guess all other sizes are sold out in the meantime! Will there be the possibilty to get shirts at my size later on again or am I too late? It would be a pity if I can't get any 'WTH' shirts no longer!
The same with the 'Japan' shirt, only 2 sizes available right now ... Sad

There are no stores that sell Abbey Dawn. For now, it is internet only.