Shoe collection

Shoe collection

I'm really excited about the upcoming shoe collection. I hope it'll be lots of high heels in some crazy colors much rivets.
These shoes Avril posted looks REALLY nice!
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oh yes! im in love with those shoes!

They Loook sooo HOT!!

Hmm, it's always amazing to see worldwide ...... Women and their shoes quirk. Laughing out loud
I'll probably never

@Rachel Bingo. The entire Abbey Dawn line comes from Iron Fist. They have the same shipping address and FAX number. lol When the new Abbey Dawn site launched, even the customer service number was the same as Iron Fist.

I am so excited for these!! Going to buy them all!

yh they also remind me of I.F heels too!! im super excited!! has anyone seen avril wearing the black star wedges? they look awesome!! deffo saving up for them!! xoxo

I'm so excited!!! They kinda remind me of Iron Fist heels