Avril Lavigne smile song HD 1080P

Avril Lavigne smile song HD 1080P

Avril Lavigne smile song HD 1080P
download :
Illegal download link deleted

I Love you avril :$


Hussein <3

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If you post another illegal download link, I will delete your account too.

Um, you know that music videos are also subject to copyright?
So offering here a link to download "Smile" is I think it illegal!
Especially since this site offers a link where you can watch it for free.

@Cindy No need to fear. You are safe with me.

@hussein777: Sigh...... People like you just never learn!

Illegal downloading is a violation of copyright. This offense is punished as an act of infringement. The penalties are heavy. They may intervene in the criminal and civil level to provide redress to the aggrieved party (usually the record company).

Here's what you risk in my country :
• At the criminal, the penalty is 300 000 € fine and three years in prison.

@uncle bob : i was like O.O when i read ur reply to hussein777. great job uncle! (eventhough it scared me a little.lol)

Yes nothing to fear. Smile
And I would say, Uncle Bob is pretty accommodating, Because for me, I would have atomised him with his first post Laughing out loud