How many tattoos does avril has and which is her favourite?

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lol means laugh out loud or labor of love

Tatoos...I am not a fan of tatoos, I'm Avril's fan. I wouldn't like them on anyone else's body and this is not only my opinion, the problem is serious (whoever wants to clarify it will get the truth about it). I won't continue with it, I don't want to start some critics.
Think about using them in similes like ,,on my heart like a tatoo''. This is pretty poetic and in the name of art, tatoos have some strong words to say.

Sorry for not answering the question ,,How many tattoos does avril has and which is her favourite?"

I love the ones I've already got, but I decided to take it easy from now on and not do anything before I'm feeling 100% sure. Although not any of my tattoo ideas are any big or drastic ones. Smile

Imma giving up on getting tattoos. A. I keep changing my mind about which one I want so I'll probably regret it later lol.

I really want to get a note on my wrist, like the one Avril has.

i love your star tatto m gona get the same Smile

She has got 19 tatoos.

My favorite one is her very first tatoo: the star on her wrist.

You can see all her body modifications here: <a href="http://www.avril-rock.com/avrillavigne/tatoos-y-piercings" title="http://www.avril-rock.com/avrillavigne/tatoos-y-piercings">http://www.avril-rock.com/avrillavigne/tatoos-y-piercings</a>

Yes. She tweeted this morning (13 NEW TWEETS!! Laughing out loud) about getting a tattoo on her neck, I think its a safety pin. I'm getting a tattoo soon at least after May 1st when I'm 18!! I'm getting a B.O.Y (Beware Of You, Paramore fans will know what I'm talking about) on my foot then I'm gonna get an Abbey-Dawn tattoo of my ankle and a little star on my hip Laughing out loud

And she just got another one. It makes me so excited since I'm getting my first tattoo this spring Laughing out loud Imma get a red rose like Ashlee Simpson has on her left wrist

I read she has 14 tattoos.
I read it from here: <a href="http://avrildarlin.tumblr.com/" title="http://avrildarlin.tumblr.com/">http://avrildarlin.tumblr.com/</a>

Hope I helped Wink

I don't actually know that lol.