WORLD PREMIERE of "Here's To Never Growing Up" Video!

It's here! The world premiere "Here's to Never Growing Up": The Video!

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I wish you that today always was good.
Always regards, honest.

Good morning.

Anyway, I shall be with you. Respect.

You did it.

Time by time, act by act, thought by thought, I repeat a statement.


Goodbye. Always regard, honest.

I started listening to your music when you came out internationally with your first single Complicated. I was a teenager by then. It’s been so beautiful to go back in time through this amazing video, especially for those fans who follow you from the beginning:) The video is so emotional that makes you wanna cry…It was great to see yourself again on skateboard and wearing the same clothes as in Complicated’s video:) You look the same!! The video itself is a mixture of fun and homesickness, and this makes Here’s to Never Growing Up one of the best videos EVER. I love the graduation part too;) I love your music, your style and your good vibes. You are my inspiration, Avril. FOREVER YOUNG!!!


she appears as her skater alter ego = goosepimples!!! TOTALLY ROCKS AWESOME!!! The BEST part of the video!!!

here's to never growing up!

love it .... <3 your the best avril Smile i hear this song all day everyday...

Love it.. Love
Can't stop singing It..

Love the new song. It made me cry deep inside. The music video is very awesome especially the part u went blast into the past as u wear your clothes from the time we saw u in your Complicated music video. U will always be AWESOME from the beginning until the end. I love the line, " They say just grow up, but they don't know us, they don't give a f*** ". This line is very in your face to the people who want us to grow up. I love u and u will always inspire me. Little Black Star forever

what a fantastic.... love it

i really really really love this music video . <3
avril's not changing. she always look like a seventeen year old skater girl. lol's.
this is the best damn thing. Here's to never growing up rocks!!!

+1 (310) 878 9123 ------Avril Lavigne

Ai eu amei o video clipe, Avril LAvigne é perfeita como sempre estava divando, adorei adaptação de Complicated no meio do video, eu estava anciosa e estava contando os dias para esse video clipe sair, e nao me arrependo de ter esperado por que esta tudo de bom, sinceramente, ela está de parabéns, ganhou meu curti.

Oh I loved the video clip, Avril Lavigne is perfect as always was divando, loved Complicated adaptation in the middle of the video, I was anxious and was counting the days to this video clip out and not regret having waited for this all good, honestly, she is to be congratulated, won my enjoyed.

(Sorry I'm Brasilian)

Está igual que en Complicated!!! ♥

IT ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP ROCKING AVRIL!!!!!!!!

Ver a Avril de "Complicated" é muito emocionante.
HTNGU é um verdadeiro presente aos fans de AVRIL!!!!
Thanks a ton!

See sk8r Avril of "Complicated video" is very exciting.
HTNGU is a real gift for fans of AVRIL!!

I Can Say That "Awesome" And Good Luck For You Avril

AWESOME VIDEO!!!! Can't stop singing HTNGU and When you're gone and Complicated and What the hell and all your songs for years!!! Looking forward to could see u in concert here in Spain soon!!!

Lindo o clipe!!! Amei !! (beautiful video, I loved it)! awesome!!
I can't stop to sing "Here's to Never Growing Up"!!!
Avril Lavigne always rocks with her songs, take a look, she's is the same since she was seventeen!!! (how can she do this??? haha) OMG!!! Brazil loves you!! XOXO!! beijoss

Long ago that I didn't like her music videos, I found them a little bit boring. Now I can't stop watching it ♥ I love it. My congratulations to the video director and everyone who worked behind the scenes.
Hace mucho tiempo que no me gustaban los videos de Avril, los encontraba un poco aburridos. No puedo dejar de ver éste ♥ me encanta. Mis felicitaciones al director del video y a todos los que trabajaron detrás de cámaras.

Avril little black stars are waithing you on Panama

Awesome video! I adore it! <3

OMG i love this video ; this is the best video i ever see <3 Heres To never growing up is the best song ever i love it i love it . Singing Radiohead at the top of our lungs With the boom box blaring as we're falling in love I got a bottle of whatever, but it’s getting us drunk Singing here's to never growing up. <3 who is the best artist ever easy is Avril Lavigne AND WHO HAVE THE BEST BLACK STARS obiously she <3 <3