Watch Avril's "What The Hell" Video Right Now!

The wait is over! Accept no substitutes, here is the official version of Avril Lavigne's "What The Hell" video!

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I love it !♥

i wanna die my hair like her .. omg .. so pretty

i wanna die my hair like tht .. ;p

I love her song What the Hell. It's so catchy and I love the way she dresses and sings. Avril Lavinge, you just keep getting better !

best singer ever omg avril lavigne is the best person in the world


Avril is my best singer and I love her songs specially keep holding on & what the hell but also Alice & girlfriend
Avril I respect you!

Our music this is great, loved, you can put anyone up, listen to her days and nights

Avril, you are so talented! I love all your songs, your style really rock, amazing voice and you are so beautiful.. hope you visit Philippines again. You have lots of fans here.. We luv yah! Smile

awful songs and awful styles !!!!!!!!
i love you

Wow! Your voice is absolutely incredible, Miss Lavigne! You are quite an amazing singer, dancer, and actress! Your songs always bring up my mood and make my day okay, and I hope you continue to have fun making new songs and new videos, and doing the things you love to do. I pray that your careers in music, fashion, and perfume never die, and that success always follow you. Best of luck and God bless! =)

-Black Hawk

It was on a whim approximately two years ago that I purchased Avril's first two albums. I do recall hearing 'complicated' or 'my happy ending' as singles on the radio upon their release but never thought enough of them to invest in Avril's career with a purchase. Recently, however, Avril's work is all that I listen to faithfully aside from the occasional indulgence in the local Cleveland, Ohio station, 92.3(where I have not heard your music in general). As a fellow musician from the age of 11, who never made it past the amateur level's of marching band and the occasional gig, I find her work of extreme talent. I can hear subtle influences of Siouxsie Sioux, Dolores O'Riordan(Cranberries), Sinead O'Connor,Suzanne Vega, Shirley Manson(Garbage), Natalie Merchant, Elizabeth Frazer(Cocteau Twins), Stevie Nicks, Chrissie Hynde, Alanis, etc. and many others throughout the bulk of her work. Although not formally trained in voice, I am of the opinion that Avril has the God-given talent to incorporate such outstanding vocal technique into her original work. In addition, what was truly remarkable was the correlation of Avril's lyrical output and many of the opinions my late wife(12/2/10) had concerning relationships and the mysterious emotion of love, particularly ours of almost 15 years. Needless to say, this last album has been difficult to listen to and unnerving for sometimes I do hear Pandora(wife) talking to me. Regardless, it is a brilliant effort and a beautiful piece of musicianship which I have listened to many times now in lieu of the pain associated. I am of the first MTV generation and have not watched a music video since the hayday of Aeon Flux. One comment did mention the marketing techniques incorporated within the video as distasteful. But one has to consider that Avril probably invested as much if not more effort into these part's of her professional career as her music. I pray that she has all the success and happiness she deserves in her endeavors. More importantly, she has touched the heart of another human being and I am very grateful that I did make that investment back two years ago. It is with great hope that I do have the privilege of seeing Avril perform in Cleveland or sometime in the future. Please excuse my grammar. I am in the process of training to be a mathematician.

Hey avril Never change your style!!!
Regards from el salvador central america

I love you, and I love your songs! Keep going! When will you come to Colombia?
You are beautiful, as well as your music! Thanks for giving us your talent! Wink

when will be in mexico?
more concerts!!!

you should just come hang out with me in ri ... think about it !


you would comming to barcelona in 2012,,please!! we need you!

I love it! You should come to San Luis Obisbo.

come to michigan

Awww. I Love You Avril <33 Are you coming to Chicago? Please come!!! I love you so much!Laughing out loud


please come to Turkey We love you to =)

I loveeeeeeeee





avril really you are so nice, I love so much all your song especially I am with you

nice new single

When are you coming to hawaii?


avril lavigne is so pretty

the best video and the best song ! <3 you are the cutest girl on this planet :$ haha love ya ! <3

i love it! u look so cute in this video Smile

Oh,Avril*!!I really love the video and song*!!
It's just speak out all my feeling,yeah*!!
I cant help listening to it,i supposed to be studying-V-
anyway,love your song and lok forward to seeing your album released in HK:)
WTH,I love it so much,damn it*!!xDD

I LOVE you song and video Avril! I am going to share this at my school!! Thumbs UP!!!

Song of the year! I love it, the video and the song itself you're absolutely amazing avril! Can't wait for the album Smile

I have been a long time fan of Avril's since the beginning, but I have to say this is disappointing. First of all the lyrics are very shallow compared to most of her songs, and secondly, can you say product placement? There is a spot for both her perfume Black Star, and her clothing line Abbey Dawn. That is just tacky. I expect better from you Avril.

Lİstennnnn to it everyday <<<<<<<<<3
ı love you so.....! Smile Wink you so great singer

Avril deserves HD quality, so please don't settle for anything less than 720p Smile

Avril, Congrats on all of your success. I'm a 40 year old Texas Gent. Normally Listen to 80's, but over the last year, I've become a big fan. BTW, Loved your work as Heather in Over the Hedge. Best Wishes always from your newest fan.

i love this song i listen to it everyday Wink

this is my favorite song made by u!!!!

yeahhh!! it became my favorite song and video instantly!!! haha ;D
Xluv itX <3 Smile
You Rock!! like always;)
love you!Smile

LuvYew Avril! Please come to Georgia! Loved the video, and all of them! Luv Ya XOXOXOXOXO Lindsey (:

You're amazing Avril!! Always so beautifull!! What a really good song!! I love you!!!!! You're the best

I love it this video is very crazy and, i want be that boy stay whit her

Cool video Smile крутатень, выражаясь по русски o_0

Love the video! Can't wait for the next one! Smile

OMG! The computer in the vid is the same computer as mine! So wierd! Laughing out loud
I luv the vid! It rocks!


Where I can found this video in 3D? In deluxe edition?

Avril I love the new song and video! you go girl! I will be buying the new album and can't wait to see you in concert!

i'm gonna be crazy with this music video

i love u avril, always support u Smile)

This video is just amazing!!! Avril is always so creative and beautiful on her videos!!! I'm looking forward to listen to the hole CD...Avril, you rock!!!!

All my life I've been good but now
I.....'m thinkin' what the hell ?
great >_<