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Little Black Stars! "Complicated" is nominated for ET Canada's Best Song From 2000-2010! Vote for Avril HERE!

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iloveyou avril


hehehe <3 Smile Wink Sexy

avril<3 ^_^

avril <3

your energy fills up my heart.....come back to give this to the world.....and take the unconditioned love the world wants to give you back....
with the sweetest feelings

love her and chad so much grew up with both of their music

Your so pretty Wink ILOVEYOU

R O C K . I really love you Avril Smile

Avril Love you so much ....

Let go was a monster album,and avril is a monster artist. She is also the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Love you avril.

You're so fab here my queen Sexy <3

Hi, Avril I'm your big fan! Wink I really love your songs and you! Wink

Happy Birthday 30th my idol @avrillavigne Wish you all the best Love you and God bless you ‪#‎LittleBlackStar‬

the developing world is getting to be selective to choose
a very good discussion

You're Great I'm A Big Fan Of You

ı love so much avril ..! I would like to meet you one day. you are so beautiful. Sexy :* Sexy

learn Italian,it's purple.

Hi Avril. I love you!

Hi Avril! I'm sixteen and been loving you and your music since your Let Go and Under my Skin era..hmm. I know that you love Japan so much, and, do you happen to like a certain Anime or Manga? Probably your fave? or faves? Oh my goosh. I can't believe I am actually asking you this. I may not be answered. It's alright. Smile Still love you *O*

I voted! I really hope you win!

I remember 10 years ago.. I was working overnight at a store that was being built.. and i had an avril cd with me... so i learned the words to complicated.. took me awhile but i know it all off by heart now... i actually sang it at my favorite bar awhile later for kariokee night which was really cool cause all the waitresses came up and helped me sing it lol

Complicated is the best songs <3 I love your songs

mrs Avril i'm waiting for your new song.