"Rock N Roll" Video Item Giveaway!


Exciting news! I'm going to randomly give away some awesome items from the Rock N Roll video at Prizeo over the next week!

Who can list what each of these items was used for?!

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Ahahah! Can't believe i missed it! Thanks! I guess i was looking too hard.

The business is a square tray that is used by Avril supposed to hit a "child" thrown in her direction by the villain.

Roach noodle soup can was carried by the waitress inside diner.
Both posters were hung outside the diner.
The flag was also up in front of the diner to the right of the door.
Gun was used by evil masked man to shoot dude.
The three gear shaped stickers were placed on the sides of the car.
The canteen was behind the masked villian while he was eating at the diner wearing a fake mustache He later throws it at avril when escaping.
The gauge was on the guitar.
The fang was one of several that lined the front of the car.
The square shaped thingy......i have a hard time finding. somebody help me! Lol