"Rock N Roll" Teaser #2!

You did it!!! You can see the surprise by watching the new #RockNRoll video teaser HERE.

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Tomorrow is the big day... Rock N Roll video...yoooooooooooo <3 <3 <3

I cant wait till your new album comes out Avril. I shall get the full cd version too ! Im determined to see you in concert this time for sure. Im such a huge fan,
Steve, NY

Please, someone make Bearsharknado a movie. For the good of all that is great.

So excited!!!!!!

Dear Avril Lavigne, I really like your music, and I would like to ask you something, it is very important ! I hope you will see this message !

hey avril we are very very excited! im waiting of august 20 <3

I can't wait anymore!!!!
Love 4 ever!!!
Rock N Roll hey hey hey Rock N Roll.....!