Pre-Order AVRIL LAVIGNE on September 24th!


Avril's new album hits stores everywhere on November 5th! Who's pre-ordering the upcoming self-titled album on September 24th?

Until then, #RockNRoll is available on iTunes HERE!

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I heard the album on SoundCloud... it was just too AWESOME to be described Smile like, seriously, I've never liked a whole album before. But when I heard this album, I was just like WOW. Avril you just rock too much, wonderful!

Now our children really sees messages and mikhoone az poshte divar Avril?

Cant wait till november 5th ahhh i have to pre order it ....!

Don't know yet if I'll pre-order it or not, cause the last time, I had pre-oredered and received it one week later than my friends who didn't pre-ordered... So, I'll see, I'm not sure I'll pre-ordered this time...
Plus, the pick was not the same with the new album than it was presented. I don't care, but I was a little bit dissapointed cause I prefered the presented pick one.

But I still love your music sure ! x) \o/

Avril,I love your song is smile.

Hi evrbody.Hi name is Pardis.I'm a girl.I'm living in the Iran.

I'm sure your new album is going to be the best. Love you Avril ♥

Finally u Changed the Decor Here Smile Love u So ,, Surely U`r new Album Will Rock Like The Other ♥

So cool! I can't wait the album, i love you!♥

Avril u Rock <3 i so cant wait for d new album Laughing out loud