New China Tour Dates Added!


New dates have been added for my tour in China! Get your tickets HERE!

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come to new zealand!!!!! please please please! the only thing i wont to do in life is get to see u play live and hopefully get to meet u. please! you are my idle!! i love u!!

Chinese fans expecting Avril Lavigne's tour
Avril will hold 8 concerts (more than in Japan and the most in Asia) in 8 Chinese cities in 19 days, exciting her Chinese fans very much. The 8 cities are Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Nanjing, Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu and Shenzhen.
Her fans communicated through internet, discussing heatly about travelling to another city to join the concert or how to buy ticket since the tickets never more than fans.
Someone who successfully gets the ticket shows off to the friends.
Some fans conclude Avril's 30 classical hairstyles. Do you remeber how many hairstyles you've got, Av? Smile
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Your lyrics are really sad. The more I listen to real music bands like yours the more I cry about humanity, though your band don't talk about problems of human race you always repeat in your lyrics the hell you live... I'm gonna sell music about my hell... hate, pain, human will condition to self condemn himself for pain, mind control of our society by parasites and such, and I wish someday people dare to say "it's good to", but I'll probably disappear like Nietzsche did and no one will listen to me as I'm a "stupid gothic with a demon voice". Don't care.

I think I felt in love with you... would you like to send me a whisker of yours for 10€ ? I want to clone you just for me.
Come in Toulouse (France) I'll be here dancing and jumping till the end.