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You go gurl one on one action god dame you are the mother f***ing princess! xx

is amazing I love it you is the mother f#&%king princess.. I love you bby.

This music video is super amazing!! By no doubts, you truly are the mother-f***ing princess, Avril!! Congrats!! Since the first day when I heard that ur song complicated when it first came out, I immediately knew that you are the best singer and inspiration ever!! I don't know how you do it but you did it in such an amazingly awesome way!! Truth to be told, I have ADD disorder just like you did back then, Avril, and from knowing this, now, I will always have someone to relate and get more and more inspirations from!! You truly are the greatest and sweetest person EVER!! I love you, Avril!!

This the is best song ever ,music video ever,and best singer in the world!!!!!! I love you Avirl <3