"Here's To Never Growing Up" Video Press!


"Avril Lavigne‘s “Here’s To Never Growing Up” is an absolute masterclass in pop nostalgia, so I greeted the song’s video with high expectations — and the punk-pop princess didn’t disappoint." - Idlolator. Love it! Check out the other awesome press for the "Here's To Never Growing Up" video over at Billboard, Perez Hilton, Entertainment Weekly, Vulture, Yahoo! Canada, Pop Crush, Just Jared, Examiner, Neon Limelight, Digital Spy, Celebrity Gossip, and Radio.com!

Oh! And you can get the video on iTunes today!

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i want her to perform at my birthday party....i wish

<b>Good producer, was able to show a calm and cheerful Avril </b>. Smile

<b>I liked the clip real calm voice (time in clip "Here's To Never Growing Up" 2.41- 2.50), like in the video "Live in Toronto 2005" live single "Hot" </b>. Smile
<b>Wants a song with such a calm vocals </b>. Smile

<b>Has she herself not bothered to shout into the microphone </b>? Puzzled

<b>At last she began to grow </b>. Smile Smile Smile

I thought I would be able to live without music... It wrong

ITS AMAZING i love it is totally beautiful Avril i love u <3

It was beautiful, perfect, amazing ... Avril rocked you, i love you! Come to Brazil again to do a show in Goiânia .... I'd love to meet you! Kisses, love you!