"Here's To Never Growing Up" on Today Show!


Check out Avril performing "Here's To Never Growing Up" on Today Show this morning HERE!

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Hey Avril !!!!!!!!!! Are you ever going to put "Headset" on any album??? Bet it would go number 1...

For the love of God, will you please preform on some show plugged in?!? Your songs are fun, and jammed with attitude and I can't even remember the last time I saw you preform with power on a tv appearence. I get hyped up to see energized fun Avril and instead I get, Avril:1 step up from country. COME ON!

i see it 100 times Avril you sing awesome!!! WISHING YOU A BLACK STAR ON PANAMA WISHING YOU THE BEEESST Smile <3

Such a song! I love it madly! Listen it 8times back to back when I got it at the very first time! Thanx a lot Avril, for this amazing song!

Great as always, I looked everywhere on my dvr to record this and couldnt find it, Whats the next show ur on?

it's always touching when Evan plays with you... I love you. "Here's to never growing up" is a great and perfect song! See you (I hope soon) in Italy!! Laughing out loud