Hello Kitty Video

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What a song avril
Love uwa,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,stunning song & you are looking so #Exquisite, girl

hello kitty Games Are very amazing for kids.

#WeLoveAvrilHelloKitty! ♥

This is such a cute video. I love it. it's simple and fun. I wish that she make more music videos for more songs off her new album. I really like too see a video for Bad girl or 17. still i really like the hello kitty video. although i wish that Hello Kitty would have show up.

Avril I LOVE♥you !!!!! I am a BIG fan from Grecce ! Keep making music !!! (Tina )
Αβριλ σ' αγαπω!!!! Ειμαι μια μεγαλη σου θαυμαστρια απο την Ελλαδα! Συνεχιζε να φτιαχνεις μουσικη!!! (Τινα)

I love this video <3 & song

#AvrilLavigneForever Smile


you are Perfect <3 <3

you are Perfect

You Are My One In 6 Billion Avril ..

Avril Ur Best Singer Ever
I love U Avril

Avril, I have listened to your music since I was in elementary school. Your my idol don't listen to the hatters no matter what your are awesome and we love no matter what.Your the best keep up the good work.

Its perfect and very funny!
-Uruguay Loves You!!

Avril, I love all of your music and you are so great. Keep doing what you like, do not listen to all of the haters, you are beautiful!

Hi Avril! Smile
I have been a huge fan of your music since the first grade, you're so awesome! I love you so much! <3 You're my fave singer EVA and your music is ama-sing! Laughing out loud (See what I did there? Haha sorry i know it was horrible.) I just wanted you to know, if you see this comment, that you're the best damn sing-er Laughing out loud (Haha! ha... sorry.) and I will always be a Little Black Star. Please don't stop making music! You're super awesome! Smile Great video, very Kawaii & fun. :]
-Melissa Heyd Smile


Not a big fan of Avril, but isn't racist a bit far? Gwen Stefani has had her Harajuku Girls​ for a long time now and no one is complaining. ​I see nothing racist about this video or song. I think the real issue is that i is more "cutsie" then her fans are use to.

My name is Anthony. I love yur muic. This abum is briliant I pla it all t time. When eel down tis album puts me in a great mood orjust alot betterthanI was.hanks orall you taen. I lov helo ittyalot andhe ong is grat and the videis also brilliatik our album. You should put out merchandise for the video, like t-shirts,key chains and button badges. That would be fun. My hoiuse is covered inalot of hello kitty and friends and I just got a new tattoo of Kuromi and it rules. I love your talent so like I said keep it up Thanks, Anthony P.S. on my face book page you can see pics of me and pics of my house full of hello kitty and friends.

i love it

When I initially saw the video I found it to be very entertaining. I did not associate the word kitty in the video with "hello kitty". The background dancers with their serious faces seemed to be just like robert palmer's background band in addicted to love music video putting focus or attention on the main entertainer. This was a new style and a surprising style coming from avril lavigne which was truly enjoyable. Very Kawaii!

Please Avril.. Make "Bad Girl" a single to recover your rockstar image..

I like "Hello Kitty" cuz is something different.. Bad Girl is the best song in the album Smile

Gwen Stefani called, she wants her Harajuku Girls back! gx

this was great~!! why isnt it on youtube?
also please come to australia even if its just two dates ill travel interstate to see you xx

PERFECT!!! I love u, Avril

Was it really THAT hard to properly pronounce 3 words in Japanese?

uau!!! é perfeito eu amei Smile

We love you Avril <3

I Like The This Single <3

Perfeeeeeeeeeeeect ♥

Hi, Avril!
I'm your fan for many years since "Let Go". You can still listen people around you and fans that wrote before me and who will always say you that you and your work are "nice, good, kawaii, fun and perfect". But your last works and style since "TBDT" hurt us. Maybe you will read this and said that you do what you want, maybe you will never see it and other same comments. I hope you will be better someday.

Niiiiiiiiiiice! Smile
Brazil loves you!

OK so let me get this straight... Avril is getting hear for this video why? I was expecting a horrible disaster of a mess when I read the headline "Avril Lavigne HELLO KITTY Video an embarassment in any language" <--- This is B.S.

Let me explain why she is getting heat for this: SHE DID SOMETHING DIFFERENT!
I think that it was a great idea for her to expand and add a new style to her voice. She will always be an amazing singer and will get past the heat because she has her fans behind her. This country (USA) is so against change that even the slightest amount will make them say negative things about anything.


omfg, u are so cute n gorgeous in this music video xxx
Good dancing as well ;D
Love this mv loadssssss!!!
Hope u will do a song mv in Hong Kong someday x)

Perfect! <3<3<3<3<3

I love this song!! This whole album is the most over played in my house lol brilliant vid full of fun!! Love u Avril

She looks like 19 Yrs Old

Beautiful! =) Avril Lavigne forever!

Los fans de Asia quedarán satisfechos, definitivamente un estilo muy J-pop... Solo esperar el 4to single, Avril x Siempre!!! Smile

OMFG Avril you seriously made my day.. I really love this fun and crazy video of Hello Kitty hahahha gooooosssshhhh hahaha you always made me happy, I love you.. Always remember this, "forget the haters, cause somebody loves yah" hahahaha WE LOVE YOU AVRIL Laughing out loud YOUR ASIAN LITTLE BLACK STARS ARE ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU.. WE GOT YOUR BACK HAHAHA.. Laughing out loud

waaaaaa... I almost died watching this video, no words can express how happy I am today Smile Thankyou Laughing out loud

Not what I expected; but I love it just the same. Gotta love the clip where she throws that giant cupcake. 'SOMEONE CHUCK A CUPCAKE AT ME!'

i loveee uuuuu ♥ ♥ ♥

algo mas ke hermoso

Wow! Avril you are amazing!

This is absolutely awful, full stop

pleaseeeee, come to ecuador :3


rawesome video!! i love your hair <3