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this is beautiful <333333

Avril! Whwn are you going to came to Argentina? We need u, we miss u 2! I want the jacket!!!... But please came here! I need u! I love u since I was 7 in 2002 with complicated. Please do me this favor! You are the only reason I live! Please I have the money But if u don't came... I AM GOING TO DIE! Smile I <3 U so much!
My name is VALE, from Mendoza, Argentina. I say u again PLEASE CAME!!
Your fan:Vale (LBS 4ever!) Smile <3
I would like if u answer my message, to my email
XOXO! I hope I see u here!

I want the jacket so badly!! I hope i can get it... I hope i get to see your concert!... I love you so much! I've idolized you since i was 10! I've never been able to get any of your merch.. I really hope i can get this one... Pleaseeee.... let me have enough money...