CD Release Party + AvrilTV #4!

Thanks to everyone who came out to my CD release party!!! It was the most amazing night ever!!!

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Hey Avril, I Became a fan of yours when I saw you at we day. (You were amazing as always) and I'm just wondering, do you have a fanmail address? Thank you so much if you get a chance to reply:)


Hey, Avril
I need to tell u something and i really hope that u read this
i'm your fan since 2007 or 2006 (and like u since "i'm with you")
i'm not the kind of fan that stay all day seeing things about u. i have things to do, but EVERYTIME i can do, i do this.
And also i care about u, really care. It's like i'ne know you. It's weird, but is true.
I was sad when you put japanese parts in "Hello Kitty". You always said that u like your brazilians fans. Why not put in portuguese?
I'm sorry mu bad english.
I don't know what to do anymore. You rarely comes to Brazil (u just came 2 times) and i couldn't go Sad
well...I just want u to know that u really inspires people and that people really care about you. you'll never alone (that's a nice thing on being famous - in the crowd always have someone that really loves you, for what you are , or what we think u are)
love, Daryna

Wish I was there;(. Love u Avril<3