Avril's Goodbye Lullaby Out Today

It's finally here! Avril's long awaited new album, Goodbye Lullaby, is in-stores and online everywhere today. Get your copy from iTunes, Amazon or Avril's Music Store.

Make sure to also check out the new Goodbye Lullaby - Expanded Edition available to order now at Avril's Music Store! Featuring 4 Bonus Tracks, "The Making Of Goodbye Lullaby" DVD, exclusive storybook hardcover packaging and more. This one of a kind offer is only available at Avril's Music Store.

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I just recieved my exclusive expanded album. The packaging is incredible! So unique. Can't wait to listen to it.

Only thing though is the Official Avril Lavigne Guitar Pick wasn't included like this site said it would be. Was anyone else missing the guitar pick?

omgg cant wait till my expanded edition cd arrives Laughing out loud

Surely " The Best Damn Thing" that you have recorded. So so good!

I hope so much you coming to Denmark on your "Black star tour"

P.S. your album is GREAT<3

XOXO Sabrina_Evita:)

this album is awesome... i have to say its the best album of 2011!!! Go Avril.. Keep on Rockin!!

This album is GREAT!!!. You put your heart into songs, lyrics are FANTASTIC.... Avril you´re the best. And I hope you´ll show us Goodbye Lullaby live in Slovakia or Czech Republic. I can´t wait to see you again <3

does anyone know how long the offer will be to get the dulex addittion cause i want to order 2 ccpys of it when my taxes finally get here

I have been looking forward to this album since it was announced. I pre-ordered the deluxe version, downloaded it this morning, and listened to it all day. She is fantastic and brutally honest in a great way. This album is so different from the last, but this contrast is what all her listeners crave. Avril, if you were to ever read this, I just want to say that you are a great writer. Oh, and for anyone who hasn't seen her in concert, you have to! I saw her on her "Under My Skin" tour--the best thing ever.

I got the deluxe edition at Target! Smile

I got the expanded edition!!! can't wait for it to arrive =)

I cried when I heard this. You're so amazing, Avril. <3

i'm in tears at how beautiful this album is.
i love you avril!
your best one yet<33