Avril Lavigne's Exclusive Interview With Extra!

Avril Lavigne caught up with Mario Lopez on Extra, discussing her edgy fashion line, Abbey Dawn, which has now gone international! This rock-star turned fashionista also talks about her latest single “Smile” off her new album Goodbye Lullaby, which she is has been busy promoting! For the exclusive interview, check out the video below!

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Avril Lavigne is perfect .. ♥

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I'm following your tour, I hope that you come to Portugal because I wanted to have the opportunity to go to a concert of yours. I love you avril.


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Avril, You are my idol.

Your personality and your attitude just inspires me! You have that tom-boy flair that makes you wonderful! You're perfect in every way. You really inspire me to not be afraid of things that you are scared of, And being, Creative. Your songs are like a welcoming gesture of saying, You're not alone. I love you Avril! You are the best person...Ever.
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