The Avril Lavigne Tour!


Mou –sugu Nippon ni iku yo!! (I’m coming to Japan very soon!) 4 Days till #TheAvrilLavigneTour!!

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Why you don't go in France? I'm so sad :'( I love you Avril!

I wanted to thank Avril again for coming out here to Bangkok! We were so happy she didn't cancell! Impact Arena (where she played at) was blocked by anti-government activists at ChangWattana, which were shutting down a nearby government complex. At the time she was here that bunkered/sandbagged roadblock would come under auto-matic weapons fire and grenade attacks just about every night when the pro-government UDD militia's come out for hit and run attacks.. We didn't know how we were going to get there with the roadblocked, but finally managed to find an alternate route that came around and and into a different entrance to the Arena. We were talking like "does Avril no about the danger just outside the Arena"? This Chik is SO cool for letting the show go-on despite the hazards and no-one was hurt. Eric Clapton cancelled his show,even though the ChangWattana road site is no longer a flashpoint. What a pusy lol, he sited 'deteriorating security situation' as reason for cancell..

We LOVE YOU AVRIL , I hope you keep coming here Smile

Hi Avril, I need to come to Brazil, in Fortaleza, we are rumors that the next tour will be in BRAZIL! I am 27 years old, and I'm your fan since the age of 16, I married for love and not let your music ... You are the one! Come to Fortaleza! kisses

avril come to Malaysia again at Kuala Lumpur.....

I wish that Avril goes on tour in the USA later this year

i wish i could go to japan
well i'll hopefully see you live eventually Smile

Thank you, Avril Smile
The concert was the best I've ever been.
It's a damn cold night, snowing in Tokyo, guess I'll play some "I'm with you" Tonight.
I'll see you maybe someday but not tonight Laughing out loud Hush Hush now

Brazil <3


matte-ru-yo!(I'll wait for you!)
Getting ready for the concert today now! Let's hava b****in' winter! I'm a guy though... Who cares XD

You are the best damn things that we eyes have ever seen I LOVE


On the top of the page where it says Events.

where can i find tour dates?? sry new user