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Miss avril, if you'll ever leave lime light, what will be your plans?

Avril Lavigne, I'm a big fan of yours eversince. I'm from philippines. Your songs became my inspiration in singing. How do you keep your voice from being awesome? >.<

What is your favorite song from your new album? How did you come up with the idea of the song?

Who are your inspirations in writing these beautiful songs?

Hey miss Avril, you're my musical inspiration. You made me realize music isn't just for listening and enjoying it, it becomes a part of your life. Do you have any messages for young fans like me? I'm 13 !! I'm a fan since 10 Smile

How do you come up with your soulful lyrics? They're so inspiring, and speak of the past. It's like listening to a novel, if that's possible. It's like you sing from your heart, and that's what I admire most about you. (I know I'm Weird) but hey Rock N Roll baby!

I know you may not know anything about my country but I'd love to know if you're coming to South America this next tour and if you could please visit my country Ecuador which has been waiting for you for long time. Ecuador loves you.

Hi, Ms. Avril! Laughing out loud Im a girl from Philippines. I have a childhood friend who will b celebrating her 18th bday this coming Nov. 25. I'm just a poor friend of her. I cant think of a gift that I will give to her, bcoz she almost have everything. And here I am, typing this message, that I do not know of u will ever see bcoz of so many messages that u receive everyday. She's your number 1 fan, u know. And this is the best idea that came into my mind. I just wanna ask a small favor from u, Ms. Avril. To please greet her and give her even just a short video message. Her name is SHARRA JANE LAMPREA. I know that it will really make her the happiest person. And I know that I am hoping against hope bcoz this message of mine is just one of the thousand messages that you receive everyday. But if you are reading this right now, I say to you, thank you, thank you so much, Ms. Avril, for your time. I cant b more thankful. Good day Ms. Avril. Godbless you and your career. I am Jezryl Britania by the way. Ü

Hi Avril, What kind of music do you listen to today? I LOVE YOU AV! Sexy

Who is your idol and why?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love you Avril

are you gonna make a video for Hello Kitty? because the song, I liked it very much. so lively.

¿what is your song favorite of album?

Hi your highness, Have you planned to go in France for your next tour ? When the next collection of Abbey Dawn and the fragrances will be available in france ?
Thanks for everything.

What's your favorite song since your 1st album?

What is the message of your favorite songs, Avril?

hey avril ! i just wanted to ask you if when will you have a concert again here in Philippines ? and also i just want you to know that we are here every-time to support you ! ! !

love you avril ! ! !

hi Avie (can i call you like this?? Smile )
what your dream has not been achieved? thank you. *

What happened to the song "Gone"? Do you intend to release it soon?

Hi Avril,
I wanna know, how do you feel about your fans suppor all over the world. And did you know, that your Czech fans did something for you, because we all love you and your music?! If you don´t know that here is a YouTube link for video which we did for you "" I hope you enjoy it or like it Smile ( I know it´s little late, but we really try to sent to you on your birthday). Smile

what's your best moment while u recording ur 5th album??

Hi Avril, you know when you come to France for a concert?
( I love your new album )