Rock N Roll

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I love the song, it is my favourite but the music video is so weird

I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it Smile

amazing Avril Lavigne Smile

You are a genius.

I find this amazing song

Can't wait to see live in BRAZIL!

Omg...! It soooooooooooo cooooooooool....!

Im a mother f***ing princess tooooo....!

My favorite part of the music video when Avril Lavigne played the guitar. It totally rocks ;p

hello kitty don't have a official video?

You is perfect avril i love you ! I am brazil i am avril you is my idol vou no seu show aki em sp hello kitty s22222

Avril You Are My Drug

i love you avril <3 i'm italian ,and you are my idol <3

Let'em Know that Wer're Still Rock'N Roll!!! <3 I Love it!!!

I Love this Song!!! Laughing out loud I really Love this Song!!!

great music video! i like the way you playing the guitar in front of the Church <3 <3 . and i hope you'll make a one for "Hello Kitty" ...

So cool, i really like this song Smile

i love this song!

¡Genial! ¡Adoro esta cancion! <3

aaaaaaaaaaah! i ♥ this song! it rox! keep making songs lyk this avril, u rock! all ur songs r awesome but this is one ov my faves!!!!!! = )

This music video is awesome! All of Avril's songs are amazing!! Smile Laughing out loud

Hey, everybody is good, I am from China Avril fans, although we don't know the language, but our mind the same, Avril continue refueling!!

This video is really funny, It's a little weird, but that's the reason why I love it.. It's my favorite Avril Lavigne's music video

Coming to stores near you Tongue

this is a great song! i loved when it first came out and it was awesome!


omg i love this video,actually i love all avril's songs videos and averything.
love you Avril,im your bigest Albanian fan <3

lexi are you!

I love this song! I'll play this song on my graduation day!

Nice song i love it ...Wink

Nice song i love it ...Wink

Love it, You're amazing Avril Laughing out loud :D
This song topped the charts in Lebanon, you really should come here

Holly Crap! This is an awsome video!

I always watch this video !! I Love It !! Rock N Roll ☺

LOL just it Tongue oh my new sony phone is ringing haha

that was really cool!!!! wooohooo!!!! awesome!! <3 from:Syvette Krystel Sigue Golis
to:Avril Ramona Lavigne

#iluvu Avril Lavigne

In my opinion, the song is simply gorgeous! I've long been waiting for it!
I love Avril!!! <3


Great song.
And the clip is, well offset. But really good anyway

this song and video is fantastic. love u Avril xxx

Really life,, so great this song...

What a nice MV!!XD
I love avril and bearshark~They are so cute~!!

Bear shark forever *__*

Avril you´re my idol. Love ya.

Fan from Germany <3

i love so much avril...

i idolize her so much......

avril cngrats......u totally married....

Happy Birthday Avril !!!
Greetings from Azerbaijan !


avril happy birthday!! You're the best!

i super like it avril .. this is the best music video ever '! happy birthday .. god bless .. and more power '! your fans will be glad if you can send us also a message'!