Rock N Roll

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Woooaahh! That great!

i love you


It rocks Avril ! I love it

Love it ! Really!

i would like if u come to my country


I love the song, it is my favourite but the music video is so weird

I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it Smile

amazing Avril Lavigne Smile

You are a genius.

I find this amazing song

Can't wait to see live in BRAZIL!

Omg...! It soooooooooooo cooooooooool....!

Im a mother f***ing princess tooooo....!

My favorite part of the music video when Avril Lavigne played the guitar. It totally rocks ;p

hello kitty don't have a official video?

You is perfect avril i love you ! I am brazil i am avril you is my idol vou no seu show aki em sp hello kitty s22222

Avril You Are My Drug

i love you avril <3 i'm italian ,and you are my idol <3

Let'em Know that Wer're Still Rock'N Roll!!! <3 I Love it!!!

I Love this Song!!! Laughing out loud I really Love this Song!!!

great music video! i like the way you playing the guitar in front of the Church <3 <3 . and i hope you'll make a one for "Hello Kitty" ...

So cool, i really like this song Smile

i love this song!

¡Genial! ¡Adoro esta cancion! <3

aaaaaaaaaaah! i ♥ this song! it rox! keep making songs lyk this avril, u rock! all ur songs r awesome but this is one ov my faves!!!!!! = )

This music video is awesome! All of Avril's songs are amazing!! Smile Laughing out loud

Hey, everybody is good, I am from China Avril fans, although we don't know the language, but our mind the same, Avril continue refueling!!

This video is really funny, It's a little weird, but that's the reason why I love it.. It's my favorite Avril Lavigne's music video

Coming to stores near you Tongue

this is a great song! i loved when it first came out and it was awesome!


omg i love this video,actually i love all avril's songs videos and averything.
love you Avril,im your bigest Albanian fan <3

lexi are you!

I love this song! I'll play this song on my graduation day!

Nice song i love it ...Wink

Nice song i love it ...Wink

Love it, You're amazing Avril Laughing out loud :D
This song topped the charts in Lebanon, you really should come here

Holly Crap! This is an awsome video!

I always watch this video !! I Love It !! Rock N Roll ☺

LOL just it Tongue oh my new sony phone is ringing haha

that was really cool!!!! wooohooo!!!! awesome!! <3 from:Syvette Krystel Sigue Golis
to:Avril Ramona Lavigne

#iluvu Avril Lavigne

In my opinion, the song is simply gorgeous! I've long been waiting for it!
I love Avril!!! <3


Great song.
And the clip is, well offset. But really good anyway

this song and video is fantastic. love u Avril xxx

Really life,, so great this song...

What a nice MV!!XD
I love avril and bearshark~They are so cute~!!

Bear shark forever *__*

Avril you´re my idol. Love ya.

Fan from Germany <3