Avril live at Walmart Soundcheck

Avril live at Walmart Soundcheck

Avril performs What the Hell, Girlfriend and I'm with you all acoustically at Walmart Soundcheck with an interview.

(I only got finished watching I'm with you, imagine my surprise when she starts belting out a new song, I won't post the link incase it gets removed Tongue)

If you want to watch, if you've listened to the new album already, just go to <a href="http://soundcheck.walmart.com" title="http://soundcheck.walmart.com">http://soundcheck.walmart.com</a> and click on Avril Laughing out loud

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Thank you for posting!

Omg she is getting so much better preforming What The Hell (not meant in a mean way)

Edit: just finished watching all the videos, Wish you were here acoustic <3 love it. Omg i can not wait to get the album and see her live. She is such an amazing person.

Thanks for posting!!

I've already watched the video. It was awesome. Wish You Were Here sounds astonishing!!
Love her performance Big smile Can't wait to listen to the entire album!!

Sounds amazing. <3

Yes, I thought this was the best WTH performance and Girlfriend and I'm with you was amazing too. I didn't watch on, as I'm gonna wait until the album Laughing out loud

I still prefer the original studio version of "I'm With You" but, this my favorite live version.

Awesome performance.

Love the performance. Tnx 4 posting Smile