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I love this photo of her...

I love this photo of her...


Essa foto é muito legal!
Avril você fica linda em cada momento!
Sempre Avril Lavigne!

This photo is really cool!
Avril you are beautiful in every moment!
Always Avril Lavigne!

cabin in the woods

I must admit .I love all your music albums and your music singles that meant a lot to me.also I feel like you are under my skin , I mean a person can make wishes. Anyways sexy sexy sexy photo.I have followed you n your beauty for about 12 let go , under my skin , the best damn thing and and lullaby is the best I've ever enjoyed out of 18000 singers bands and composers an an jazz hip hop n all that jazz.u avril r the best so gr8 n I'm 4 an with u ooo jack xxx ooo also I have a million things to say n ask .1st thing ille be all that you want.n 2nd xxx ooo

Album rox!

Under My Skin; My favorite album by Avril!!<3 And I love the look to death!


hey woow u look sexy and i love urs eyes btw i love ur songs n every thing about u u soo hot make me wanna drop babes

she's so beautiful

she's so beautiful

as my angel, dark and yet so

as my angel, dark and yet so sweet

Ur gorgeous and i love the

Ur gorgeous and i love the hair.