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I love ur eyes in this picture. They glow so much in this picture. I wish i could meet u some day

Black Stars

No Avril, you can't stop using black stars; I will have to repaint my bedroom walls if you do! What is your next tour called? I hope it's got something colourful in it. Everyone loves black stars and I don't care who thought of it first! You're a beautiful rock chick and I love you dearly, but don't like the idea of no more black stars, it's a little bit scary. Love Nick xxx


under my skin was probably the best album! because its the one when i saw you in concert in 2004, i wisssh i could go back to that night Sad eeekk loveyou

desktop background

this is my desktop pic on my laptop! love it, love those pics were u dont smile and have a serious face, ur an amazin person! xx

Your eyes are as you know the

Your eyes are as you know the facts ..

those lips there they are

those lips
there they are again sorry but cant get enough of them HEHE sound stupid dont I? LOL