Avril's FHM Photoshoot!

Avril's FHM Photoshoot!

Just when you thought Avril couldn't look any hotter, BAM! Along comes another smokin' hot photoshoot Avril did from FHM in Australia. Check out the pictures below from Avril-L.org. (Although some of her answers don't really make sense :\)

<a href="http://avril-images.net/thumbnails.php?album=1710" title="http://avril-images.net/thumbnails.php?album=1710">http://avril-images.net/thumbnails.php?album=1710</a>

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@Gradlon Oh yes I've seen that one.

Galaxie, a Malaysian magazine (source A. Bandaids)
<a href="http://gallery.avrilbandaids.com/albums/userpics/111974/normal_2pze4cz.jpg" title="http://gallery.avrilbandaids.com/albums/userpics/111974/normal_2pze4cz.jpg">http://gallery.avrilbandaids.com/albums/userpics/111974/normal_2pze4cz.jpg</a>

@Gradlon Ooooh!! I wonder which one!!

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CENSORED Laughing out loud

Thanks to share with us the link Rachel Smile According to my informations, the photoshoot has occurred in late December.

... And I think Avril Lavigne appeared on the cover of another magazine for the month of March Wink

OMG! Questa ragazza finirà con il farmi diventare lesbica... Laughing out loud

Translation: "Soooooo beautiful!" Tongue

That's why I said some of her answers didn't make sense. She said she didn't have an abbey dawn tattoo, but in the photoshoot she does. Maybe she did the interview waaaay back in 2009/10 and the photoshoot is recent.

Well, one of the answers wrote that she doesnt have an Abbey Dawn tattoo. Doesnt she have one? Outdated much? Or are they just stuffing words into her mouth?