Let Me Go Ft. Chad Kroeger

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So many great things come from Avril. Chad is the perfect guy for her to do a song with and they are a perfect couple, no wonder why they got married. They're combined styles really pay off and this is one of her best songs. Avril is the best female rocker by far. I hope she is alright after hearing the terrible news. I'm sure Avril will bounce right back and kick more ass like she is likely already doing. This video reminds me of how I feel about someone, Where are you at Steph I can't find you? Ummmmmm I wanna rock your world.

Una delle mie canzoni preferite. L'adoro!

Hey Avril,

I am from estonia. I really liked your music when I was 14. Now 21. I lissened your old songs all the time. They had a soul in them. Songs like: Wish you were there, My happy ending, Im with you and yhen your gone. Also I liked complicated and what the hell. There was time, when the songs you made like went bad. The new ones. Then i stoped lissening your songs and so. When I first heard Let me go, I didnt bellive that its made by you. When i saw the video and so. Gash, I really liked that song and also that video. You are so beautiful in there and also the song is so well done. The most i like the part when you and Chad sing together. Your voises ar so perfect together and I already wait new songs from you two Smile

Very beautiful song!!! One of my favorites!

This is now my favorite Husband & Wife duo ,thank you.

This song is very beautiful especially when Avril's playing the piano .
I think she can show her emotions with the piano more .


I love this song so much!
This song is a must at karaoke Smile)


i like all the songs as much i like the person.

I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love this song from avril and chad kroeger

I love your Let Me Go very much I think the video is extremely well done and it is a beautiful song.

Awesome music vid:) Been a big fan since I was 12:) Love you Avril!<3

adoro esta musica fantastica ♥ continua assim avril. Portugal ♥

Hey Avril... Love the hair Smile Chad Kroger was a good idea in life and in this song... I've listened to his albums many times and I think he's great at what he does... The house is pretty spooky but I suppose it's supposed to be like that... This is your only song that was shown on Much Music "I think" so I must have watched it at least 6 times there and heard it another 6 times on your cd I bought. What else um.. Oh yeah, my favorite part is when you're pretending to play the piano, I thought that was really cute Smile

dear avril
im your big fanz in indonesian
but sorry i cant comes to your tour
i hope some day i can see you in live
ciaoooo avril

I love both Avril and Nickelback so it's a great combination!!! I love this song it's so amazing!
thanks avril and chad, By the way like my username?

this is one of my favorite songs is great and obvious love avril Smile

#100 coment wohooo. :DD I love this video, Avril is so beautiful! #Chavril<3<3

they are just awesome! i love you avril !!!

Muito lindo ... Essa Musica é Perfeita ... Smile

You Rock! You're so gorgeous!



i Love You Avril Smile).

i love her !!!This song is amazing

For me I like the album, exept the song "hello kitty" but I think Avril would do best duets with these girls: Hayley Williams, Amy Lee, Alecia Beth Moore, Joan Jett & Taylor Momsen! a song would be fabulous with any of them! Rock or Punk rock well ..

As I would also like to sing with: Billie Joe Armstrong, Gerard Way, Lauri Ylönen Pauli, Pierre Bouvier, Adam Gontier & Benji Madden.

I wonder if one day I were to take a song Avril in Spanish?
Serious Punk rock, or just rock ballad?
With Latin artist that would sing?
I'm from Colombia, I would sing with Juanes or Don Tetto?


I loved the video, loved the way, looks, movements, voices, Chad and Avril you are a perfect couple. Ha just a quick question when they open a store here in Brazil Abbey Dawn? I'm just waiting and if they are open please open in the city of Ribeirão Preto Pradópolis well or think it will not give because Pradópolis is my city and is very small, even more so please open a store in a town near Pradópolis type Ribeirão black, please open the store and Avril i love you you are my diva my palmita and I love you so much and continue your way of being and perhaps you're not seeing it written more q worth my intention love you kisses. smile

beautiful i love avril

Uow, this song and videoclip describes my life and I love it! It's something like... Awesome! ♥♥♥♥♥

my FAVORITE song !!!!!!!!!

oh i love you so much Avril...

Coucou j'adore cette chanson et j'aimerai vraiment que tu viennes en france pour la chanté et en chanté beaucoup d'autre !!
Je t'adore Avril Lavigne tu est ma plus grande idole !!!! Sexy Sexy Sexy Sexy Sexy

hi my biggest idol, you know I want to meet you but you're so far from my place. Hope you can visit our city here in Philippines @Davao city. i love you.

I really love your songs especially this song w/ Chad . stay Strong XD

Hey! Abbey I love this song! Keep on this!! Smile :)

Heh! Avril! Keep on rockin'.

The better duet!! #Brazil

I love Avril <3 I love this song.

I listen to the song everyday, and i love it so much!!!<3 I really love you and Chad..! <3
My biggest dream is to meet you !!! <3<3 Laughing out loud

I love all your songs especially this one

love it.....

i love this video Laughing out loud love you avril !!

hey avril.. WE LOVE U!!!
è bellissimo il video,ma sinceramente.. cosa c'entra il tablet sony experia?? pubblicità Smile

Ajsjwjjajajj es geniall

I love this song soooo much <3


Avril i have to say that i am your biggest fun I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and i love your songs!!Please keep going in that way i believe you are the most fabulous and nice girl i have never met!! <3

Avril Lavigne - I love this so much ♥♥♥