Hello Kitty Video


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Theirs nothing wrong with Avril being Avril. She's all good and always will be. So she writes a silly, fun and incredible song and shows a sense of humour, who gives a dang if she's acting like a crazy star, to all the people who were offended, hey take a look in the mirror and you'll see what the problem is, man! All you sensitive freaks (get it together!), when people have fun with anything silly things will always happen, Avril great job making another cool and fun video! You will always be beautiful nomatter what anyone thinks, personally I love you!

I dig the haircut.

Funny in that if you go to YouTube and search for Hello Kitty Japanese videos you will see the exact same style. So what is the deal here? Fuss over nothing.

I have 10..11..14yrs old daughters and I see nothing wrong with this video....I'm not sure why people are getting upset...If your fan base in Japan gets upset then you have a problem.... Hello kitty is Japanese. ..it's all about being silly and being a girl...relax...no boobs...no privates...All good

i love it Laughing out loud

I like it!