Let Me Go Ft. Chad Kroeger

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I loved the video, loved the way, looks, movements, voices, Chad and Avril you are a perfect couple. Ha just a quick question when they open a store here in Brazil Abbey Dawn? I'm just waiting and if they are open please open in the city of Ribeirão Preto Pradópolis well or think it will not give because Pradópolis is my city and is very small, even more so please open a store in a town near Pradópolis type Ribeirão black, please open the store and Avril i love you you are my diva my palmita and I love you so much and continue your way of being and perhaps you're not seeing it written more q worth my intention love you kisses. smile

beautiful i love avril

Uow, this song and videoclip describes my life and I love it! It's something like... Awesome! ♥♥♥♥♥

my FAVORITE song !!!!!!!!!

oh i love you so much Avril...

Coucou j'adore cette chanson et j'aimerai vraiment que tu viennes en france pour la chanté et en chanté beaucoup d'autre !!
Je t'adore Avril Lavigne tu est ma plus grande idole !!!! Sexy Sexy Sexy Sexy Sexy

hi my biggest idol, you know I want to meet you but you're so far from my place. Hope you can visit our city here in Philippines @Davao city. i love you.

I really love your songs especially this song w/ Chad . stay Strong XD

Hey! Abbey I love this song! Keep on this!! Smile :)

Heh! Avril! Keep on rockin'.

The better duet!! #Brazil

I love Avril <3 I love this song.

I listen to the song everyday, and i love it so much!!!<3 I really love you and Chad..! <3
My biggest dream is to meet you !!! <3<3 Laughing out loud

I love all your songs especially this one

love it.....

i love this video Laughing out loud love you avril !!

hey avril.. WE LOVE U!!!
è bellissimo il video,ma sinceramente.. cosa c'entra il tablet sony experia?? pubblicità Smile

Ajsjwjjajajj es geniall

I love this song soooo much <3


Avril i have to say that i am your biggest fun I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and i love your songs!!Please keep going in that way i believe you are the most fabulous and nice girl i have never met!! <3

Avril Lavigne - I love this so much ♥♥♥

hey avril you're awesome and this is the blast song from you.

you guys look amazing together, Avril you're perfevt

It loves me this video

Chad And Avrils vice is amazing.. Luv It.. <3

Amo para sempre!

x) Se ven muy lindos juntos y aqui Avril realmente hace ver su voz. Me gusta el duo y la voz de Chad en conjunto con la de Abbey.
Espero tener el disco!
¡Avril Chile te espera!

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger are meant to be i love when you guys sing together make more duets and Avril Lavignes first duet was like heaven keep making these im your biggest fan Avril Lavigne you are my inspiration when im older because when im older I want to be as amazing as you are but thats a big challenge to go that high



Avril's gorgeous voice + Chad's sexy voice = amazing harmony of yours about goodbye & new love!!!

You were Born to be together, and with the sound of your voices combined has created a beauty that no other two people could produce. Absolutely amazing job. The two of you are ment to be but, there will come a time where it will no longer be effortless. Working together for each other is the only way to survive the long haul.

Tears have been brought from this beautiful song. Thank you

soo Classicccc Video !! you are greatss and i always loved Chad Voice !! cute awsome coupel!

i love you and each of your song.. from the start and at the very end i will be always your biggest fan.

Nossa, muito boa essa música, amei demais...Adoro a voz dela, voz de anjo....

is she going to make more awesome music like this in the future?

I have always loved all of your music. I have been a steady fan from the beggining.

This vioce is a amazing

It has an angel's voice, this song came to me is one of my favorite

This is one of the most beautiful musics that i´ve ever seen in my life, you´re awesome Avril, beautiful music. ;D

Avril, Je Vous Aime Wink ...

I love Avril Lavigne !! she's my favorite singer ever and everyone of my friends and some people that aren't say I look like her!!!

I love this video ! Avril forever <3

Love this song <3 Smile

i love avril Lavigne

avril this song is topped in music chart
i start my day with this song you should come pakistan

nice song.. i love it, really. Smile

Avril Lavigne is always creative and are better downright

Oh my God!!! I cannot stop playing this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!

i cant stop this song and this album!
This is the best album i saw in this years and ur voice is really different and nice and S.E..!
I Love U and Thank U so much again!... Smile

I love this song !! Smile